Tips for Winning Angry Birds Items & Game!

Angry Birds is one of the most popular app games of all time! Angry Birds launched in 2009 by Finnish game developer Rovio Entertainment. As of October 2010 over 12 million copies of the popular slingshot game were sold in the Apple App Store.What’s the big deal and why is Angry Birds so popular? Angry Birds is addictive, comical and cheap. The popularity of Angry Birds has caused Rovio to create the game across multiple platforms and gaming consoles and a huge market for merchandise has been created. There’s Angry Birds bedding even!
Now not only can you play your favorite Angry Birds game on your phone, TV or computer, you can re-construct the Angry Birds Yellow Bird vs. Minion Pig with launcher and stack bricks with this great K’NEX Angry Birds Yellow Bird Vs. Medium Minion Pig Building Set!

K'NEX Angry Birds Yellow Bird Vs. Medium Minion Pig Building SetIf you are a huge fan of Angry Birds you won’t want to miss out on the wide selection of Angry Birds items sold on DealDash. Angry Birds board games, kids hooded towel, bedding, Mattel and Hasbro games, games for WII, Playstation, XBOX and more!Check out all of the upcoming Angry Birds Auction Deals over at
Tips for Playing Angry Birds, these tips can also be applied to bidding on DealDash!
1: Make sure you have time to play as this could be time consuming.
2: Know your birds. Know the personality of each bird. For instance, when you tap the screen while a yellow bird is still in the air you can accelerate his speed. Black Birds can be used to smash through concrete and hard structures.
3. Use different angles when trying to crash a structure, or in bidding, use a different strategy! 
4. Observe and Remember – Were you successful crashing a building or knocking out pigs with a particular way you were pointing your slingslot? Remember how you did it and repeat. Were you successful bidding by “throttling,” (placing a bid as soon as an opponent bids) or by “waiting in the weeds?” Remember what you did to win and try it again in another auction!
5. Have Fun
In playing and bidding, be sure to have fun! Don’t stress out if you don’t win. Use buy-it now if you have spent a lot of money in bids and lost, that way you can reclaim your bids and get the item at the retail price. If you lose, try again! Just take it easy and don’t stress!

This K’NEX Angry Birds Yellow Bird vs. Medium Minion Pig 72601 building set includes more than 27 pieces and lets your child construct a launcher, stack bricks and more for hours of creative play.

What’s Included

  • K’NEX Angry Birds Yellow Bird Vs. Medium Minion Pig Building Set

You can download the Angry Birds Go! game over at and play right now for free.
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Which Angry Bird is your favorite?


Play a Game, Classic Board Game Deals on DealDash

Sorry game
Make any night a game night! Play games with your friends and family, make popcorn and have fun! Board games bring people together. Now you can buy this new 2013 edition of the game Sorry! on
Sorry is a classic board game based on an ancient Cross and Circle game called Pachisi. The object of the game is to travel around the board faster than the other player by getting all four of the player’s color pawns from his or her start location to the home space. . The 2013 edition Sorry! game can be played with 2-4 players. This is a kids’ board game but can be played by kids of all ages. The board game includes the playing board, 12 Sorry pawns, 4 cards, two power-up tokens and complete instructions for playing.
There were some changes made in the 2013 version of the game to make the game more interesting and fun!
“In the 2013 Edition, several rules were changed. Each player only has three pawns. A pawn can be moved out from Start upon any positive number card. A Sorry! card gives the alternative option of moving forward 4 spaces. The 2 card no longer allows one to pull another card.
Furthermore, two additional items known as Fire and Ice were added, and depending on which card is drawn, can be placed on certain pawns on the board, modifying the playing rules for those pawns. In short, fire gives a pawn the ability to move ahead quickly before the player’s turn, and ice stops a pawn from being moved (or killed) at all.
There are some corner cases that are not well explained in the rules, such as “What happens to fire if one pawn kills the pawn with fire by landing on its square?” Should the fire be set back to out of play, or should it transfer to the attacking pawn?”
Be sure to bid to win this great classic American board game on where the buy it now price is just $16 and get your bids back on DealDash if you don’t win!

DeWalt – Your Very-own Handyman

When it comes to tools, consumers take brand loyalty very seriously. Tools are – to many consumers – a serious investment. One of the most trusted brands of tools in the world is most certainly DeWalt.

DeWalt makes power tools and hand tools for both professionals in the construction, manufacturing, and woodworking industries and also for do-it-yourself consumers working at home or in the garage . If you want to get tools, why wouldn’t you get tools that industry professionals trust?
Dewalt was originally started by Raymond E. DeWalt. This was in 1936! Raymond DeWalt wasn’t just a company man, he actually invented the radial arm saw. DeWalt’s staple products for a period of time were, of course, radial arm saws and other woodworking machines. However, Black and Decker bought the company in 1960 and had the company for 30 years in its possession before it started using the DeWalt name on its own tools and substantially expanding the DeWalt product line for the first time in a very long time.
Today, due to the time and branding efforts of Black and Decker, DeWalt manufactures and sells more than 200 power hand tools and over 800 accessories. Below is just a glimpse of the tool possibilities DeWalt offers. From ladders to laser and metal tools they have it all. You will be spoiled for choice. So if you are thinking of fixing the porch or redoing the terrace then you know where to get your DeWalt tools for a deal.
In the DeWalt products range you can also find circular saws, hammer drills, impact drivers and a traditional screw gun if big machines are not for you. Consumers can afford these products and also have the peace of mind to know that they are buying a product that is of good quality and has a reliable brand name.
So if you need tools for extensive projects or just have to hang new decor or put together new furniture in your home from time to time, picking a DeWalt product to own and have on hand is an excellent choice. You can easily do so and get some great deals on these tools on DealDash.

Fix-It with Black and Decker

If you’re a homeowner you know what it’s like to have to maintain a home, fix things that break and improve on furniture, flooring and your household fixtures. Let Black & Decker, an American company with over 105 years of experience helping Americans improve their homes with their wide range of power tools, hardware and home improvement products. Did you know that Black & Decker offered more than just their popular power tools such as drills, saws and sanders? Black and Decker also carries lawn and garden items such as trimmers, mowers, blower vacs, sweepers and more. House cleaning items such as steam cleaners, filters, and vacuums. Small appliance items such as tea and coffeemakers, toasters and more.  While you can find Black & Decker products at hardware stores such as a Black & Decker Cordless Dustbuster Cyclonic HandVac, a 12-amp blower vacuum, an 8-cup food processor, an iron, a professional steam iron and a powered paint sprayer, and the 20-volt Matrix Drill, among a number of other items.

If you’re looking for a little DIY assistance be sure to check out this great resource on HGTV’s website where they have tips on how to save money with energy-saving tax credits, how to refinish a floor, how to build and repurpose furniture,

If you’re looking to save money on great Black & Decker power tools and small appliances to help enhance your lifestyle be sure to sign up on and find out how to bid to win here! If you don’t win an auction on DealDash you can easily buy the item and get the bids you placed back to bid again on another item.
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