Nintendo 3DS Deals!

Are you a die-hard gamer? If Nintendo is your go-to gaming platform you won’t want to miss these Nintendo 3DS items and deals on DealDash!nintendo 3dsl
Check out this awesome Nintendo 3DS XL New Super Mario Bros 2 Limited Edition!  The buy it now price on DealDash is $246, so if you bid and don’t win it you can buy it and get all of your invested bids back! The last auction for this limited edition 3DS XL handheld sold for just under $15!
Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS XL Super Mario Bros 2 special designed handheld includes New Super Mario Bros 2 game pre-installed! The Nintendo 3DS XL system combines next-generation portable gaming with eye-popping 3D visuals without the need for special glasses, giving you a new dimension in entertainment. Take 3D photos or connect to friends and use wireless hot spots with the wireless StreetPass and SpotPass communication modes. From games to photos and beyond, the Nintendo 3DS XL system offers quality 3D entertainment. It comes bundled with a 4GB SD card, making it suitable for downloading content from the Nintendo eShop. The Nintendo 3DS XL console can also play all of the original Nintendo DS games. Nintendo DS games will not appear in 3D.

  • The 3DS XL is the next-generation portable game console by Nintendo
  • Pop-out 3D visuals without the need for special glasses
  • Capable of taking 3D photos as well as normal photos using either the two outer cameras or the single inner camera
  • StreetPass and SpotPass for communicating with people on the go or through the Internet
  • 4GB SD card included
  • Can accept up to a 32 GB SD card
  • Note: A physical copy of the New Super Mario Bros 2 game is NOT included. Game will already be installed on the handheld.

Next, after you win a new 3DS XL, you’ll need games!
Check out a few of our favorite upcoming Nintendo 3DS XL game auctions on DealDash:
yoshis new island 3ds gamesNew Super Mario Bros. 2 for Nintendo 3DS Rating: Everyone The game records all the coins players collect throughout the game, so completing a level is only part of the fun. Every level is filled with golden opportunities, such as gold rings that turn enemies into valuable gold versions and a Gold Flower that gives Mario the ability to turn almost anything in his path into coins. The return of Raccoon Mario gives Mario the ability to fly and access hidden areas. Feel the rush of discovering tons of coins in brand new coin-rich worlds with the new Gold Mario, gold pipes, gold Fire Flowers, new block head Mario that transforms enemies into coins, and while challenging your friends in the new Coin Rush Mode. Can you get one million coins?
steel diver 3dsSteel Diver for Nintendo 3DS Rating: Everyone 10+ Guide submarines through lush, undersea 3D environments A variety of unique touch-screen applications including the ability to pump water out of a leaking sub Branching paths, split-second decisions and attacks from enemy ships make for a thrilling undersea adventure Multiple ways to play, including mission play, periscope based play using the 3DS’ gyro sensor and the chess like Steel Commander two-player strategy mode The 3D effect in Steel Diver makes players feel like they are peering into an aquarium, with the action unfolding right before their eyes Nintendo’s Steel Diver is submarine simulation combat game that utilizes the power and flexibility of the Nintendo 3DS to put you behind the periscope of a submarine on the hunt. The game features multiple ways to play including standard mission gameplay; Periscope Strike, a mode in which you use the 3DS gyro sensor to alter your view in order to complete tasks; and Steel Commander, a one-on-one turn-based local wireless mode supporting 2 players.

legends of oz-nintendoLegends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return – Nintendo 3DS ESRB Rating: Everyone When Dorothy clicked the heels of her ruby slippers and returned home to Kansas, did you always wonder what happened next? Now, with Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, you’ll get the chance to return to the iconic yellow brick road in this sequel story to the classic tale. The merry old land of Oz is in trouble and needs Dorothy’s help. Jester has taken over the kingdom, and you must join Dorothy on her journey to dethrone him in order to restore peace to the realm. It’s time to put your brains, heart and courage to the test to save the land of Oz. Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return takes you on a fun-filled, puzzle-solving trek through the merry old land of Oz to help restore tranquility to the kingdom. Join Dorothy and use your Nintendo 3DS to solve challenging puzzles across more than 30 levels and four thrilling game modes. Unlock fun content, and enjoy edge-of-your-seat gameplay that provides hours of replayability. Just click your heels and say “There’s no place like Oz.”
mario-party-islandMario Party: Island Tour for Nintendo 3DS ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) Reunite with your favorite characters wherever you go with the latest chapter in the Mario Party series. Grapple with goombas, blast out of cannons and embark through new lands as you play through a variety of fun-filled mini games on your Nintendo 3DS in Mario Party: Island Tour. The party is starting, so grab your stylus and your friends — you don’t want to be late. Get ready for an all-new Party with Mario and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom with this Island Tour. With seven new game boards and modes, and more than 80 mini games that are exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, Mario Party: Island Tour delivers fast-paced, heart-racing competition. Fully harness your Nintendo 3DS’s capabilities to tap, tilt and draw your way through fun mini games. Put your skills to the test in the new multifloor mini game tower, which is available in both single- and multiplayer modes. Whether you’re grappling goombas or blasting out of cannons, this Party will never end.
For all of these great Nintendo 3DS deals be sure to visit DealDash!

Fresh Squeezed Juice – How to Get Great Deals on Juicers!

Looking to start a healthier lifestyle? Look no further than daily juicing!
Dr Oz. says, and it’s pretty well known, that fruit and veggie juices are a great source of vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals (phytonutrients). These nutrients, he says, “can help protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and various inflammatory diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis. Valuable compounds called flavonoids and anthocyanins are abundant in a variety of fruits and vegetables and guard against oxidative cellular damage, which comes from everyday cellular maintenance and is exacerbated by exposure to chemicals and pollution.” – Source The Healing Properties of Juicing,
If you want to get juicing it’s really easy to get started. First of all you will need a good juicer! There’s tons of juicer choices and comparing juicers can be tricky, how do you narrow your search down and pick the perfect juicer for you? Well, first of all, think about what you want from your juicer. Do you want to just make citrus juices? Grapefruit, or fresh orange juice? If so, you can get buy with just a citrus juicer, but if you want to get really creative and benefit from the nutrients of fruits and vegetables then you will want to get a high-powered juicer.
Here’s a few great models that will help you get juicing – Plus, you can save money if you bid to win or bid to buy on DealDash.
deals-citrus-juicersIf you just want to be able to make fresh citrus juice for your friends, family, or just yourself, this Black & Deck CJ630 electric citrus juicer is perfect! It can make a lot of juice too, up to 32 oz of citrus juice with each use if you want!
This citrus juicer features:

  • Self-reversing juicing action gets the most juice out of each citrus fruit
  • Adjustable pulp control for a variety of juice consistencies
  • Built-in cord wrap for easy storage
  • 20W motor delivers superior performance
  • Large 32 oz (1 liter) capacity allows you to serve and share it with your whole family
  • Removable parts are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • 1 year warranty
  • Model # CJ630

Valued at $25.62 – buy it now or bid to win when it becomes ready for auction on
Now if you’re really wanting to juice fresh carrots, beets, kale, apples (it really does taste good mixed together), celery, and more, this Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor would be the juicer for you – it has a powerful 800 watt motor and retails at $74, oh and the last auction for this exact juicer? It sold for $0.18! Really!? 18 bids were placed by everyone bidding. So get bidding if you want a deal, too!
Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor Powerful 800 Watt Motor, 67650:

  • Fits whole foods for fast, easy juicing
  • Powerful 800 watt motor
  • Extra-large pulp bin
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Stainless steel strainer basket
  • Stainless steel locking levers
  • Commercial-style toggle switch
  • 800-watt motor has the power to extract juice for the toughest produce
  • Extra-wide 3″ chute fits whole fruits and vegetables, eliminating extra prep time
  • Stainless steel cutter/strainer juices quickly
  • High juice spout funnels juice directly into a variety of glass and container sizes
  • Convenient 20-oz. juice container doubles as a serving pitcher
  • Extra-large pulp bin saves time by allowing continuous juicing — no need to stop midway through extracting to empty the pulp bin
  • Die-cast metal locking clips fasten securely for safe operation
  • Designed for easy assembly, handling, operating and storage
  • Commercial-grade ON/OFF toggle switch
  • Removable plastic parts are dishwasher safe
  • Easy-to-use cleaning brush with micro-soft bristles for strainer basket cleaning
  • One-year warranty

Raise a glass (of juice!) to health and a juicy summer!

Seattle, SoCal, NorCal or NYC native? Save Money on AmazonFresh Groceries!

amazonfreshyDid you know that you could buy groceries and save a lot of your hard earned cash on groceries, food, and drinks thanks to DealDash!? While you can buy various gift cards that could be used for groceries, i.e. Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club on DealDash, if you win gift cards and live in greater Seattle, Northern or Southern California and the New York Metro area you can take advantage of Amazon’s awesome new grocery service, AmazonFresh and save even more off of Amazon’s great prices thanks to DealDash gift cards to
Shop for groceries from the comfort of your home, at school or at work on AmazonFresh. You can even buy your favorite foods in bulk, spices, fancy sparkling drinks, snacks, fresh produce, ice cream and more!
Take a look at what AmazonFresh offers:

FREE same-day and early morning delivery on orders over $35.
 Thousands of items ready for delivery from milk to electronics.
Meat, cheese, bakery, fresh fruits, veggies, beverages, prepared foods, ice cream! Yes, AmazonFresh will deliver ice cream to your door!
All items are delivered to your door at a specified time.
Organic produce! The prices aren’t bad either, on par with the grocery store.
amazon fresh

Incredible, right!? Makes me wish I lived in Northern/Southern California, Seattle or New York City. Wouldn’t it be awesome to not have to go to the grocery store, push a cart around, wait in lines to check out, load and unload the car? Yeah, this is seriously the solution to grocery shopping for busy people, or anyone who just doesn’t care to go grocery shopping.
So how can you bid to win on great deals on groceries that don’t even involve you doing much more than browsing and ordering online then putting the groceries away? Check out these upcoming auctions for gift cards on DealDash and bid to win! If you don’t win an item you can get your bids back by using buy it now and still get your groceries by trying out AmazonFresh. Remember, you must live in Seattle, NYC, LA or San Diego (NorCal/SoCal).
This recent auction for 500 bids + a $500 gift card sold for $24.15! DealDash offers tons of Amazon gift cards in wide range of values from $10-500+!
Click here to bid to win on DealDash!

Deals for a Great Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is May 25, that means Memorial Day weekend this year will start on May 23! Memorial Day is a day to remember our loved ones and marks the official start of summer. Memorial Day is a great day to get together with friends and family, host a backyard party and grill up burgers, brats, veggies, fresh cut fries and more. Here are a few great deals on items to give you an idea of how to host a great Memorial Day party with items for outdoor summer fun.
Upcoming Deals on Grills!
Did you know that DealDash sells over 10 different types of grills? DealDash has grills that are perfect for a Memorial Day weekend BBQ.
charcoal grill
Whether you prefer charcoal, gas or electric, DealDash offers all 3! This grill pictured above is the Landmann – Vista Charcoal Grill – Black Cook a variety of foods with this Landmann Vista 560200 charcoal grill that features dual front-access panels, so you can easily add charcoal to the fire. Two folding side shelves offer ample space for prep work, while a bottom shelf provides storage.
For a fun game of badminton, volleyball or racquetball this Memorial Day weekend be sure to bid on these fun lawn games auctions!triumph volleyball

Get great deals on patio furniture by bidding on these upcoming auctions for patio furniture.
hanover patio set
Fun for the whole family, the kids will love these trampolines!
bouncepro trampoline
Whether or not you have guests over for Memorial Day you can lounge in your backyard with this great Studio Converting Outdoor Sofa.
green sofa
Get great deals on Schwinn bicycles and razor scooters on DealDash with these upcoming auctions.
scooterkulana lua tandem bikeBring your family along on a bike ride with these two-seater bicycle deals on DealDash.
“The Kulana Lua Tandem Bike 26 is here to take the fun factor of tandem biking to a new level. Two extra large and comfortable cruiser saddles are mounted on a stylish yellow HI-Ten cruiser frame, with easy reach handlebars and fun beach graphics. The frame, graphics and the whitewall tyres together present a colorful look to the tandem bicycle. Be assured of years of exercise and fun while touring around on bike paths, light trails, or when cruising along a quiet beachside lane. The super-relaxed riding position and padded seats are tailor-made and lets you enjoy the scenery while having fun with your family. The integrated rear coast brakes showcase powerful braking irrespective of the weather conditions. Half wrap front and rear fenders are employed in the Hi-Ten steel bike to add further convenience in diverse weather conditions.”
sodastream - dealsHomemade soda to go along with your BBQ lunch? You can make your own soda quick and easy with this SodaStream machine deals and different flavor mixes all sold on DealDash.
For more great deals on items for a perfect Memorial Day weekend go to and be sure to check back here daily for info on new deals.

Great Deals on Travel Essentials: Samsonite Fiero Suitcases

Packing for a trip soon? If you travel often it’s a good idea to have a durable, polycarbonate  roller suitcase.
DealDash offers great deals on this highly rated Samsonite Fiero 24-inch Expandable Spinner Suitcase in (Charcoal). This rollerboard aka rollaboard suitcase has been named to the “Best of the Best” list of suitcases on samsonite

It features a beautiful Micro Diamond Textured outside for extreme scratch resistance, keeps the case looking beautiful trip after trip!
Smooth rolling, freely pivoting wheels for maneuverability
Large capacity interiors to keep your belongings neatly packed
Side mounted TSA locks keep contents secure when travelling
Full 2″ expansion for more packing capacity
“Introducing a line built to take on the harshest travel elements! Fiero combines extreme scratch-resistant textures with the lightest 100% polycarbonate construction, ensuring your luggage looks as great on the 100th trip as it does on the first. This 24 inch spinner offers heavyweight protection, riding on effortless 360° spinner wheels. Don’t pull your case, let Fiero roll comfortably beside you on your journey. High-capacity design with TSA approved locks and expansion ensure your belongings arrive safely to your destination. Extremely light and visually impactful, this Samsonite sequel takes 100% polycarbonate design to the next level.”
Material: 100% Polycarbonate
Size: 24″ x 17.5″ x 10.75″
Linear: 52.25″
Weight: 8.9 lbs
Expandable: Yes (Expands 2 Inches)
Warranty: 10 Year Limited
Product Features:

  • Push-button telescopic handle system
  • Interior tie down straps ensure your clothes get to your destination safe and wrinkle free
  • Built to take on the harshest travel elements
  • Micro diamond texture is extremely scratch-resistant, keeping cases beautiful trip after trip
  • Re-engineered lighter weight wheels for effortless mobility
  • Consumer preferred expansion on all sizes
  • Full-zip interior divider and cross straps for increased packing organization
  • Side mounted TSA approved lock ensures security while traveling
  • 4 smooth rolling spinner wheel system to ensure effortless mobility

For great deals on this Samsonite Fiero suitcase be sure to bid on the next upcoming auction on This suitcase has a buy-it now price if you don’t win of $177, the last auction sold for $7.18!
Learn more about bidding on DealDash with these great bidding tips. 

Tips for Winning Auctions on DealDash

Bid on great items for less on DealDash with these bidding tips.
1. Did you know you can get your money back with DealDash’s No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee!
“Bidders on DealDash are entitled to a No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee on their first Bid Pack purchase. Should a bidder be unsatisfied with the service for any reason, they are entitled to get their entire first Bid Pack purchase fully refunded. Simply email [email protected] within 90 days and request for the refund. The refund will be credited back to you in 7 days. The refund will be granted regardless of if you have won or lost auctions, or whether you have bids left on your account or not. Only 1 refund per person.”
If you have any questions about bidding on DealDash be sure to contact DealDash’s customer support.
2. Bid to Buy it Now! Did you know that if you don’t win an item you can use buy it now and get it shipped free of charge and get all of your bids back?
Learn how to use buy it now here.
3. Don’t bid too late!
Don’t bid late and miss your chance to win what you want!
4. Don’t bid too early!
Don’t bid too early that you end up spending all of your bids when there are still alot of other bidders out there bidding.
5. Don’t bid on a poor Internet connection!
Don’t bid on items if you have a poor Internet connection or on Wi-Fi that isn’t your own, like a neighbor’s or a cafe.
6. Save money and time by using Bid Buddy. 
Bid buddy lets you save money and time from manually bidding on auctions. Find out how to use bid buddy to win auctions on DealDash here.
Want to win a barbeque grill, check out these great items! Want to win a brand new iPad mini? DealDash has those too! For all of the upcoming deals on DealDash go to

Tech Deals for a Better Workout!

ipod nanoNeed extra motivation to get up and workout? These colorful fitness-tech items will inspire you to get moving!
Pick up the pace with music
These candy-colored iPod nanos are great for jogging, aerobics and walks in the park! Just plug in your earbuds – preferably these Beats Sport headphones. Save money on a new iPod Nano and Beats headphones by bidding on these upcoming auctions on DealDash.
beatsListen to your favorite songs while you workout with the new iPod Nano! The Nano has a 2.5″ multi-touch screen display, the largest display ever to be put in a Nano. The Nano promises up to 30 hours of music playback and supports bluetooth for wireless streaming to headphones or speakers.
These great Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Sport Headphones in red will help you bring your workout to the next level. Jam out to your favorite tunes with the same great Beats quality, but less bulk!
Track your fitness progress!Screenshot 2015-04-23 09.46.42
Next up is this great Samsung Gear 2 Neo Sports Watch that offers a personalized fitness manager with real-time information on your progress and results of your workout. This smart watch measures heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken and speed plus syncs with your Galaxy smartphone and features a caller ID, music streaming, up to date time and weather and so much more.
DealDash offers both the Samsung Gear 2 Sports Watch and the Samsung Gear Fit wristband. gear fit
Did you know that this Samsung Gear Fit fitness wearable is the first curved, super AMOLED for active lifestyles? Equipped with pedometer, heart rate sensor, bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery with up to 50 days of battery life. Dust-proof and water-resistant. Motivating with a running, walking, hiking and cycling exercise coach.
Step it Up – 10,000 Steps a Day!fitbit
Did you know that there are FitBit users who claim that they have used FitBit to motivate them to walk more, feel more energetic and lose weight? Click on this little FitBit zip and get walking!
DealDash offers auctions on all of these great fitness-tech gear!
Click here to bid to win these items on


Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10! It’s fast approaching, but don’t worry, there’s still time to bid on these great Mother’s Day gifts on DealDash, the items will all be shipped free of charge, too!
Your mom has done so much for you… beyond just carrying you for 9 months, she fed you, clothed you, kept you safe.
Let your mom know she’s loved with these great Mother’s Day gift ideas!
Radiant Tulips for Mom!
1800flowera1-800-Flowers makes flower buying for mom easy! This Radiant Tulip arrangement comes in varied sizes and with different colored vases. Save money on 30-stems in a clear vase ($59.99) when you bid to win $50 gift card auctions on DealDash.
Wouldn’t you love to give mom flowers every day?
Now you can!
raised-bed-gardenMake a day out of it and install this great Suncast Tiered Raised Garden Bed for your mom right in her yard. Bring flowers and soil along too and plant her a flower garden that she will be able to enjoy all summer long!
Bid on an upcoming Suncast Tiered Raised Garden Bed auction on DealDash.
The Suncast Tiered Raised Garden Bed is made of durable plastic resin. This resin is much better than wood that chips, and rots and requires repainting. Your mom will love it and you’ll love that it’s easy to set up with eight connectors.
Next up, if your mom loves her gems and precious metal necklaces, a great gift to get her would be this jewelry armoire!
Wooden Jewelry Armoire with Lift Out Jewelry Box, Warm Walnut Finish – DealDash has a few different types of armoires too, check out all of the upcoming jewelry armoire auctions.
This wooden jewelry armoire would be just the perfect gift for your mom if she loves jewelry! She can safely store all of her rings, necklaces, and bracelets!

  • Traditional jewelry storage armoire with warm walnut finish and black lining
  • 5 drawers and 2 side swing out doors with necklace hooks
  • Divided top compartment includes ring rolls and watch pillow
  • Lift-out jewelry box
  • Flip-top mirror
  • Detailed carvings on sides of armoire
  • Some assembly required
  • Wood jewelry box with drawers is 14.5″L x 10″W x 38″H

In addition to this lovely traditional armoire with black walnut finish, give your mom a set of freshwater pearls.
Honora White Freshwater Cultured Pearl 18″ Necklace and Stud Earrings Sethonora-freshwater-pearlsRetails for $129, you can bid to win it for less on DealDash!
Honora Box Set 18 inch White Pearl Necklace And Pearl Studs 6-6.5 MMPerfect for everyday wear, this matching necklace and stud earrings design an effortless look. A classic style with elegant pearl luster, this set makes a great gift.

  • Freshwater cultured pearl approximate measurements are: 6.0 to 6.5mm potato, 6.5 to 7.0mm round
  • Due to the organic nature of freshwater cultured pearls, there will be minor variances in color, size and shape from the image above
  • Every design is carefully matched to coordinate color, size and shape
  • Includes special box set packaging

Find out when this White Pearl Necklace and Pearl Studs auction comes available and bid to win it for your mom before Mother’s Day 2015.
For more great items and gift ideas be sure to check out!