DealDash Bidding Tips: Summer Saturday Secrets

beach funNot at the beach having fun like these guys? Then why aren’t you bidding on penny auctions? What are you waiting for? Are you trying to win auctions but keep losing your money? I’ll let you in on a secret… Saturday’s are really good days to bid on penny auctions, especially in the summer. Today if you look at the ended auctions alone you will see that the competition is just not there and bidders are winning for just 1-2 bids.  When the weather is nice not as many users are bidding on auctions. Check out all the great deals that were won just today on DealDash!
This Greenworks Enhanced 24V Sweeper  has a buy it now price of $137 – won by srager123 for $0.31
Bidder 44384 won these M-Audio Studiophile 3-inch speakers $0.14 and it looks like they only used 2 bids to win them! The buy it now price is $100. dealdash speakers
The Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor just sold for $0.02 and won by vanryan for just 1 bid. cardiotech
Love coffee?  This hip DeLONGHI kMix 5-cup coffee maker in blue valued at $150 sold today for $0.84 – 84 bids total!
Percussionist, or want to be? This GP Percussion Snare Drum Complete kit just sold for $0.42 bids total and it looks liek HassKaye probably spent about half of that to win at a final end price of $0.42 with a buy it now price value of $108 – what a steal!GP percussion snare
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag for Xbox with a retail buy it now price of $37 just sold an hour ago for $0.01!  Saturday is really a great day to bid on DealDash.assasissns
ge microwaveThe deals just keep getting better today. This $114 GE 1.2 Cubic Ft microwave sold for only $0.61 and was won by Rodney1989 who only used a few bids to win.
If you are looking for a great deal on a new hair straightener you may want to check out auctions for them on Saturdays at This Jeegol Nano Titanium Dual Voltage Hair Straightener, Floral just sold for $0.07 – it was a cheaper straightener valued at just $31 as opposed a more expensive CHI or Sedu brand but it should do the job quite well, plus if you win it for just a few bids like Coollady did for 3 – at probably about $0.54 it’s a steal!
Remember all items are shipped free on DealDash so be sure to check out Saturday auctions!

How to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer for Less

School is out, or it will be very soon and you have a dilemma. What are you going to do to keep your children entertained this summer? Whether you are on a budget and need to save money, love deals or just want to find some new fun things to keep your kids busy check out these auctions on DealDash to make this summer less stressful for you and more fun for the kids
Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection Snow Cone Cart – See more at: conesEveryone loves snow cones on a hot summer day! Check out these homemade snow corn syrup recipes! snow cones
Nerf Super Soaker Alphafire Blaster Buy it Now price: $11 – See more at:
blasterSuper soakers & water slides on those hot summer days where the sun shines bright until late into the evening. The Nerf Super Soaker Alphafire Blaster has a buy it now price of only $11 – this would be a perfect toy for boys or girls alike this summer plus it’s a great way to try out bidding on DealDash without spending a lot of money!
Hot Dog Roller Grill by Nostalgia Electricshot dog grill
Looking for a fun way to serve up lunch? Check out this Hot Dog Roller and grill from Nostalgia Electrics on auction at DealDash or buy it now for just $ fire

If you own Amazon Prime you will love the capability of Amazon’s new FIRE TV. Not only can you stream the best family movies and TV shows you can even use it for at home workouts – a lot of Jillian Michaels workout programs are on there for free.

Big Blackhawk RC Helicopter

Kids of all ages will love this Big Blackhawk RC helicopter. Plus, it’s sure to entertain for hours with omnidirectional flight, 3 channels, and gyro action to stabilize turns and a bright multicolored LED light for even more fun!


Bike This Summer With DealDash!

kulana* The Kulana Tandem 26″ Bicycle goes on sale today on DealDash! (See below for more info)
Biking is pretty popular now in the US. Many cities have become more biker friendly by allowing initiatives such as bike rentals, bike paths and trails and even separate lanes of traffic in roadways.
Is your city bike friendly? According to The Travel Channel these 10 cities are the top 10 cycling cities in the US:

  • Boulder, CO  – Boulder boasts a bike-share program with 24-hour bike access stations.
  • Portland, OR – No other city has more cyclists per capita.
  • NYC offers the country’s largest bike share program with over 6k bikes and 330 rental stations. The Hudson River Greenway has 11 miles of bike and walking paths.
  • Minneapolis has the second largest number of bike commuters after Portland. With dedicated bike lanes and bike rental programs, Minnesotans love to biking (yes, year round even!)
  • Washington, DC offers 1,800 bikes in their bikeshare program.
  • Tucson, AZ has over 700 miles of designated bikeways.
  • Austin, TX has a bike zoo and the 6-mile long Lance Armstrong Bikeway,
  • Missoula, Montana – home to a wide range of mountain bike trails. Biking Big Sky Country would be lovely!
  • San Diego’s will soon have a  bike share program with over 1,800 bikes around the city.
  • Louisville, KY has a 100-mile trail system that’s really a bicycle superhighway.

If you’re in any one of these cities you’ll see that it’s become easier to gain access to a bicycle if you don’t have one, whether or not you’re in a bike friendly city you may want to own your own bike. DealDash has made that more of a reality for many people. The last few auctions for a USA Titan Punisher All-Terrain Bicycle have sold for as low as $0.45 to less than $2. Really! What a great deal!
Take a look: PleaseStopNow won this one for just $0.45!
bike titanAnd not only does DealDash offer bicycles, they have taillights, helmets, tactical gloves, flex straps, bicycle trailers if you have little ones and more.
How about a Bicycle Built for Two?
Check out the Kulana Lua Tandem bike going up for auction here at around 3 pm CST today. See this auction at
“The Kulana Lua Tandem Bike 26 is here to take the fun factor of tandem biking to a new level. Two extra large and comfortable cruiser saddles are mounted on a stylish yellow HI-Ten cruiser frame, with easy reach handlebars and fun beach graphics. The frame, graphics and the whitewall tyres together present a colorful look to the tandem bicycle. Be assured of years of exercise and fun while touring around on bike paths, light trails, or when cruising along a quiet beachside lane. The super-relaxed riding position and padded seats are tailor-made and lets you enjoy the scenery while having fun with your family. The integrated rear coast brakes showcase powerful braking irrespective of the weather conditions. Half wrap front and rear fenders are employed in the Hi-Ten steel bike to add further convenience in diverse weather conditions.”

Are you a biker? If not, would you if you won a bicycle on DealDash?


DealDash's Money Back Guarantee & Tips

fairDid you know that if you, as a bidder on DealDash, are unsatisfied with DealDash for any reason, you are eligible to a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee on your first bid pack purchase?
That’s a 100% full-refund of your first bid pack purchase. All you have to do is email refunds at within 90 days and request the refund.
The refund will be credited back to you in 7 days. The refund will be granted regardless of if you have won or lost auctions, or whether you have bids left on your account or not. Only 1 refund per person.
By registering and trying DealDash you must understand that you likely to spend more money in bids than you may receive in items. This is posted right on DealDash’s site on the Terms of Use page. And it’s true, you may win, you may lose. But you need to go into bidding with this in mind and don’t get too carried away.

  • “Most customers using the site gain less in merchandise value measured in monetary value compared to the amount of money spent bidding to win auctions.”

See that one auction for, well, anything? 30 users may be bidding and  only one bidder will win. The odd aren’t calculable, because it’s not always up to odds, but  29 of those bidders will lose.

  • “Do not buy bids or spend money on the site if you cannot afford to lose the money.”

Just don’t do it.

  • “DealDash is constantly attempting to maintain fairness and balance in its auctions therefore some new users or users who have lost auctions may receive special promotions, access to special auctions and/or free bids through site features.”
  • “This is designed to maintain fair practice and helps balance and create a great auction experience for all users.”Bidding on penny auctions can be a lot of fun.
  • “DealDash is convinced that the entertainment value of participating in its auctions is valued and that paying a premium price for this entertainment value compared to shopping at the lowest priced retailer is fair.”


  • “We do however strive to give as much merchandise value back to our users as we possibly can while maintaining healthy gross margins.”
  • “Most customers will not win auctions and you are on average unlikely to save money using the Site.
  • “We recommend that you take advantage of the Buy it Now option as it will return all of your lost bids when used. Most customers who use the Buy it Now remain loyal to the Site far longer than those that do not. By using the Service you understand and agree to this statement.”

Definitely make use of the buy it now option. If, 1. you want the bids you spent back and 2. you want to buy the item at the stated buy it now price which is really pretty close to the fair market/going rate of the item from retailers such as

Some bidders get stellar deals on items that would otherwise cost them a ton of money elsewhere. This is what makes bidding on DealDash and other penny auctions so much fun. What about you? What do you think about DealDash’s guarantee and bidding?

How to Buy Bids on DealDash and Various Payment Methods

Are you wondering how you can buy bids on DealDash?   Payment Methods   Can you use a pre-paid debit card to purchase bids? Absolutely.   Can you use a Visa credit card? Yes!   How about MasterCard? Yep!   American Express? Check!   Discover Card? Of course!   Diner’s Card International? That’s accepted on DealDash, too.   How about PayPal? Yes, DealDash accepts Visa Debit & Credit Cards, MasterCards, American Express cards, Discover, Diner’s Card and PayPal as acceptable payment methods for purchasing bids and paying the final end price of their auctions.   To buy bids go to buybids   Select the bid pack that you would like. The bid packs range from 200 bids for $36 (today with a bid promo all bids are $0.18 each), 450 bids for $81, 950 bids for $171, 1500 for $270 and 2500 for $450. Next, enter your credit card info and name, or click on the PayPal tab.
Then click continue and the bids will be credited into your account and reflected on the top right menu bar.
bids dealdash
Plus, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your card numbers when transmitting this secure information on DealDash – DealDash is SSL McAfee Secure and VeriSign Trusted.       symantec verisign dealdash   Do you buy bids on DealDash? Remember, if you don’t win an auction you can use buy it now to purchase the item at the listed price and get all of your bids back into your account to try again next time!

Tea Party Essentials for Less on DealDash

Numerous studies have found tea benefits to be plenty.
Tea has been said to boost exercise endurance. May help to reduce the risk of heart attack. Protect against
cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. Plus, the antioxidants in tea could help protect against tons of cancers.
Not only may tea benefit your health and enhance your life, tea has been a ritual and way of life for people for thousands of years.
Plus, tea can help you snack less. Do you drink tea? If you love tea, or want to start drinking it these items from DealDash may interest you and help feed your love of tea for less money!tea pots sale
1. German-style Hammered Kettle in Copper

This German-style Hammered Kettle features a painted wood handle & knob. The Kettle is Solid Copper for a classic look that compliments traditional as well as modern kitchens. New Solid Copper Finish. For use on all Gas and Electric stoves

2. Old Dutch Moss Green Cast Iron Sakura Teapot, 37 Oz.
This graceful cast iron teapot is decorated with a traditional Bamboo motif. Inspired by highly prized antique Japanese cast iron teapots still in use today. Features a black porcelain enamel interior coating that helps prevent rust Includes a stainless steel tea brewing basket for ease of preparation. For brewing and serving tea; Not intended for stovetop use. 37oz. capacity. Hand Wash Value $52.60
3. Orange Rachael Ray Teakettle 2 -Quart Crescent Teakettle,
As the sun peeks over the hills in the morning, this 2-Quart Crescent Teakettle from Rachael Ray will help jump start your day. A generous 2-quart size is enough for multiple cups of tea, your instant oatmeal or French-pressed coffee. A stainless steel lid is easy to remove and fill and when the water is boiling, a convenient whistle will sound to let you know. The beautiful porcelain enamel exterior is a two-toned color designed to match the entire Rachael Ray enamel cookware collection and is very easy to clean.
4. Matte Black Cast Iron “Hakone”Teapot/Wood Stove Humidifier
3 Ltr. Unity® “Hakone” Matte Black Tetsubin Teapot/Wood Stove Humidifier. The “Hakone” Teapot is an elegant cast iron tetsubin teapot inspired by highly prized Japanese antique teapots still in use today. It’s large 3 liter capacity and robust construction makes it uniquely suited for use as a wood stove humidifier, as well as it’s traditional use of heating water for tea. The enamel lined interior makes it rust-resistant and easy to clea

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp 3-Quart Teakettle, Black valued at $80 recently sold for $0.61 on dealdash. 
Different varietals of tea require different water temperatures and steeping times. Brewing tea really can be a precise science, so to be sure you get the water right the first time check out this Cuisinart PerfecTemp teakettle. It features a precise temperature gauge to ensure optimal water temperatures plus a porcelain enamel exterior and iron core interior to retain heat.

 Now that you know about all the great teapots and tea kettles you can bid on over at DealDash how about tea? DealDash sells a variety of tea for the Keurig k-cup coffee maker. From Tazo Tea to English breakfast and iced tea. Check it out if you have a Keurig!


The Best Deals on DealDash May 19th to the 24th

Bidders this week on DealDash scored some amazing deals! Here’s the best deals of this past week, May 19th to the 24th. Also, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! In honor of Memorial Day DealDash Bids are on sale this weekend for $0.15 each!
One of the best deals on DealDash on May 19th was this Oriental 4FT Fiber Weave Room Divider – it has a buy it now price of $113, but sold for just $0.15 and was won by Pamelasue1956 for just a handful of bids!
19th may
Next up is this amazing deal that lang1021 won on Tuesday, the 20th: an All Power America 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer,, for a final end price of $0.59 – pretty good since it’s valued a $114. – See more at:
all power american pressure washer deals

On Wednesday, this amazing Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active Cell Phone (Unlocked*),valued at a Buy it Now price of $475  was won by kevenl8856 for $2.02. Great deal especially for this item as the previous auctions for it have gone for as much as $90+!

See more at:

samsung s4 unlockedThen on Thursday, May 22nd, tons of bidders scored great deals.  DealDash waived all the final end prices on their auctions on the 22nd. So these Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless Headphones which would have sold for $50.38 only cost the winner LisaPip her bids spent.  If you were to buy it now on these Beats you’d spend $380.

beatsThink that’s a good deal? How about a brand new HP Envy Laptop that winner Teny would have had to pay for both her bids and the final end price of $151.23 on Friday, May 23rd, but for the holiday weekend the end price was free. Not bad for a laptop valued at over $1k.

hp envy laptop dealsThen on Saturday, May 24th one of the best deals seen for a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Acoustic Stereo Headphones would have had a very low end price of just $1.87 but was waived by DealDash and won by oldladypants. The buy it now price and value is $350. What a steal!

boseWhat was the best deal you got this week on DealDash? We want to hear about it. Check out our DealDash Bidding Tips!

What Are Your Favorite Innovative New Tech Gadgets?

What are some of your favorite new tech gadgets that you wish you had that DeaDash doesn’t have? Check out my favorites! These sexy, sleek, sophisticated, new Harman Kardon Aura speakers are out of this world amazing.360º Room-Filling Sound: The Harman/Kardon Aura features a unique speaker & enclosure design which produces 360º room-filling. Six high/midrange drivers join together with its down-firing 4.5″ subwoofer to deliver a powerful, detailed soundstage which maintains absolute clarity from any angle in the room. The wireless speaker system utilizes Harman’s stereo-widening DSP technology to deliver a balanced sound with enhanced equalization to create a full and more realistic audio experience.” harmon kardon   Next up is Mini by EverPurse – it will be $129, just hasn’t been released yet. What it is is a wallet that will charge your iPhone 5 or 5s.

Experience up to 48 hours of phone battery life — from zero to 100% three times. Place your iPhone 5 or 5s into Mini’s aluminum charging dock, which embeds it safely on the backside of the wallet. Inside the hard shell, Mini keeps your essentials organized.

  mini everpurse If you want to get even crazier, crazy as in super cool, check out the Panano! This ball is a camera that allows you to take 360 degree panoramic shots by throwing it up into the air. 108MP quality and it’s made of the same rugged, water resistant plastic that a GoPro camera is. Set to be out in September. panono Next up is the futuristic looking Ninja Sphere. The Ninja Sphere lets you control your home’s environment by monitoring everything from temperature, letting and energy use and will even let you know if you left the lights on.  Set to be out for sale in June of this year. ninja

Lose your phone often? Come June you will need the WiseButton. The WiseButton will let you control your devices remotely and will track you smartphones and laptops or anything you can stick a tracking sticker to.sebutton

Wearable tech seems to be the way of the future. Take these Dash Smart Earphones, well maybe you can take them, if you snag a pair when they come out later this year. Perhaps November 2014.  They’re Bluetooth 4.0 ready, you can stream music from your phone plus they are equipped with 4GB of storage. They double as a fitness tracker and phone headset.

 dash smart What hot new or futuristic tech items would you like to see on DealDash? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll pass your feedback on!