DealDash Tips: Get the Most For Your Money


Are you getting the most out of your money on DealDash? Read these tips and find out.

Let’s face it, DealDash is a fun place to spend money! With all of the bidding, it’s easy to use up your bidding budget pretty quickly if you aren’t paying attention. DealDash tips is here to help you make sure that you’re getting the most for your money. Read the following tips, and the next time you are using DealDash try to think about them and use them. Read on for more information.

Buying Bids

If you’ve been on DealDash for a little bit you’ll have noticed that the price of bids fluctuates every day. When you buy your first bid pack at .60 per bid you won’t get as many bids for your money as when you can catch a great sale at .13 or .14 per bid. When every new bidder starts they have to buy their first bid pack at .60 per bid. After that, though, they are eligible to take advantage of DealDash’s sale priced bids.

Using BIN to Get Your Bids Back

Using the Buy It Now (BIN) feature is the best way to get the most out of your money when using DealDash. Simply put, if you’re not doing a BIN when you don’t win an auction you’re just throwing money away. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you’re just throwing 10 bids here and 5 bids there. But if you are bidding seriously at 100+ bids, then you should be Buying It Now.

Using BIN is easy! You can immediately do a BIN on an auction that you have been bidding in, even if the auction hasn’t ended yet. On every auction, you will see a big black box on the right-hand side of the page where you can see the details of the ongoing auction. At the bottom of the box, you will see a button that says “Buy this item for ___” When you have decided that you don’t want to bid anymore, just click that box. After you have paid for the item DeaDash will refund all of your bids that you used to try and win this particular item. Yes. Every single one.

This is the best way to get the most out of your money on DealDash. You can recycle your bids as many times as you would like to on DealDash. Just be sure that you are bidding on things that you would normally buy anyway, such as towels, sheets, and other housewares. This way you will make you dollars stretch even further.

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DealDash Tips for Big Bargains

dealdash bargains

If you’re wondering how people get such great bargains on DealDash, I am here to give you the answer. By bidding, of course! You can’t get a great bargain if you don’t bid.

Winning on DealDash is easy if you try. Of course, you can’t win every single auction that you enter. Even the most-winning Power Bidder doesn’t win every single auction they enter, especially if they are in an auction with other Power Bidders. If you try to stay away from the Power Bidders, though, you have an excellent chance of getting a great bargain. Read on to learn some tips and tricks to getting bargains on DealDash.

No Power Bidders

As I mentioned above, try to stay away from the Power Bidders. Who are the Power Bidders? They are people who enter an auction and don’t stop bidding until they have won. This might mean using $200 in bids for a $50 item, but the idea is to overbid so no one wants to get into an auction with them – and it works, for the most part.

You can figure out who the power bidders are fairly easily by looking at the “Winner’s Tab” on a regular basis, and seeing who has “won” an auction for over the retail value. Take note of their bidding name, and try to watch out for them in the future.

Bid On Less Popular Items

An excellent way to get a super bargain is to bid on less popular items. Just because an item is less popular doesn’t mean that it’s not a good item! Some less popular items include flashlights and towel sets. Are these bad items? No! Of course not! They are perfectly nice items, just not quite as exciting as iPads, cell phones, and TVs. Just think, though, if you are able to get one of these items for a low price that you were planning on buying anyway then you will have more extra money for other things.

Use Your BidBuddy

The best way to ensure that you are getting the best bargain possible is to use your BidBuddy. DealDash’s BidBuddy is an auto-bidder that is available on every single auction, and it is free for everyone to use.The DealDash BidBuddy has no restrictions, you can put as many or few bids in it that you would like. You can get the best bargain by using the BidBuddy because he will never let you down, even if your internet or electricity goes out!

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This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Tips to Multi-Savings

DealDash time

People who shop on DealDash love to save money. Shopping on DealDash is the perfect way to save time as well as money.

Who likes to save money, raise your hand! Okay, everyone, great! DealDash can help you save money on everything that you need for your home such as bedding, baby items, art, toys, tools, and more. Really, just about anything that you can think up or dream of, DealDash has it. The sky is the limit. Not only money, though, you can save time as well. There are hundreds of items up for bid every day, many of them things that you can save time by getting them from DealDash rather than going to the store. Read on for some helpful tips from DealDash for saving time and money.

Free Shipping

Did you know that shipping is FREE on all DealDash auctions? Every single solitary auction, from the smallest set of earrings to the heaviest, largest trampoline. The shipping is zero dollars. Isn’t that amazing? This is even true if you have gotten a “steal” of a deal and won the item with 1 bid. Everything.

Free Auction Weekends

If you haven’t been on DealDash very long then you might not know this interesting fact, but have you heard that DealDash often offers free auction weekends?! Yes! It’s true! The way this promotion works is simple – Bid as you normally would on an auction, and if you win instead of paying the final auction price you pay 1 penny! This is a wonderful way to save money, as well as be able to budget exactly how many bids that you can put into your BidBuddy to reach the BIN (Buy It Now) price.



Speaking of the BidBuddy, the BB is the BEST way to save time! BidBuddy is a built-in feature that DealDash has that is helpful for everyone. Your BidBuddy free to use as much as you like, even in multiple auctions that are running at the same time. After the BidBuddy is loaded feel free to walk away, sleep, go outside, even turn off your computer. BidBuddy will bid for you.

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This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.