DealDash Product Review: The Ninja 1200 Blender & Green Smoothie Recipes!

ninjaRemember making that New Year’s Resolution to eat and live healthier in 2014? Perhaps like many people you’ve strayed off track, it’s time to change that and feel better about yourself for the decisions you’re about to make… The decision to win the new Ninja Blender from DealDash and resolve to start making “green smoothies.”
 Tired of your blenders always breaking or ice cubes left uncrushed? The Ninja 1200 is equipped with 6 stacked precision razor-sharp blades and a 1200 watt motor. The Ninja 1200 is a much more affordable alternative to the famous Blendtec and VitaMix blenders and can handle high performance blended, pureeing, ice crushing and food processing. The Ninja 1200 is high powered enough to virtually mash anything you put in it within seconds..
Features and Benefits of the Ninja 1200

  • Food-safe and 100% BPA free.
  • Ergonimically designed – with a smart lock-in suction to hold the blender and lid intact for a mess free blending experience.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Not very noisy for a powerful blender
What’s Included

  • Ninja Kitchen System 1200 3-Speed Blender
  • 72-oz. pitcher, 40-oz. processing bowl
  • Dough paddle, dough hook, whisk, blade assemblies
  • Owner’s manual

My favorite reason for owning a high powered blender would have to be that it’s quick and easy to make not only protein shakes, soups, and salad dressings, but green smoothies! Green smoothies are an easy way to get more greens in your diet. Green smoothies can be a mix of greens and fruit, are super easy to make and can actually taste quite good!

green smoothie 1

Just the other day I made a delicious green smoothie with frozen mango, fresh pineapple, water, raspberries, kale and a green superfood powder.

green smoothie

Here are some of my favorite green smoothie recipes from

#1. 1 Banana, 1 Papaya, 2 leaves Swiss Chard, 2 cups water
#2. 1 bunch Dandelions, 1 Banana, 1 Pear, 1 Mango, 2 cups water
#3. 3 leaves of Romaine Lettuce, ½ an Avocado, ½ Fuji Apple, 1 Banana, 2 cups water
#4. 5 leaves Purple Kale, ½ Orange, ½ Fuji Apple, small piece of Ginger, ½ an Avocado, Orange slices to decorate.
#5. 1 cup frozen Strawberries, 1 Banana, 1 Mango, 2 cups water, 2 leaves Rainbow Chard
#6. 1 large handful of Spinach, 1 Banana, 1 cup frozen Strawberries, 1 Orange, small piece of Ginger, 2 cups water
#7. 1 young Coconut, ½ of a small Pineapple, ½ Pear, 5 Leaves of Romaine Lettuce
#8. 1 cup frozen Raspberries, 5 leaves Red Leaf Lettuce, 1 Red Apple, 1 Green Apple, ½ of a small Pineapple, 2 cups water
#9. 1 large handful of Spinach, ¾ of Orange Bell Pepper, ½ an Avocado, 3 cloves Garlic, 2 Tomatoes, 2 cups of water (Savory Smoothie)
#10. ½ an Avocado, 2 Tomatoes, pinch of Cayenne Pepper, pinch of Salt, ½ of a Red Onion, 1 bunch Parsley, 1 Orange Bell Pepper, 2 cups water (Savory Smoothie)
#11. 2 Bananas, 3 pieces of Celery, 1 head of Red Leaf Lettuce, 2 cups water
#12. 2 leaves Purple Kale, 2 leaves Collard Greens, 2 Bananas, ½ an Asian Pear, 2 cups water, 1 cup frozen Raspberries
#13. 1 cup frozen Blueberries, ¼ pound Spinach, 1 Orange, 1 cup water
#14. 4 Tomatoes, 1 Red Bell Pepper, 1bunch Basil, ½ an Avocado
#15. 4 leaves Collard Greens, 4 leaves, Purple Kale, 2 Leaves Rainbow Chard, ½ an Asian Pear, ½ Pear, small piece of Ginger, 1 Banana, 1 cup frozen Blueberries, 2 cups water.
Have you tried any green smoothie recipes in the Ninja 1200 blender? Do you like it?
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