Why Buy it Now on DealDash?

buy it
What’s this “Buy It” on DealDash you’re wondering and why should you do it?
Really, the question shouldn’t be “Why buy it now?” but “Why not?”.
DealDash’s “Buy it now” option makes this penny auction site one of the most sustainable entertainment auction sites on the web. 
Buy it Now is a great feature offered on every single item that DealDash auctions from bid packs to gift cards to swimming pools, colorful Kitchen-Aid mixers, iPads, HDTVs, laptops and more.
Bidders love buy it so much because it allows all bidders to try to win an item they want without losing money.
Take a look, for instance, at this upcoming item for a brand new HP Split 2-in-1 13.3″ touchscreen laptop.
The retail value of the laptop is $849.99, so the buy it price is a $200 clearance discount off of the original price and this little laptop is a powerhouse of features and flexibility, and it’s super lightweight to boot at only 4.4 lbs. So say you plan to bid on this laptop with purchased bids (which by the way, are on sale at only $0.16 a piece right now) and say they don’t win the item and have already spent $600 and the auction ends with someone else as the winner.
You really would feel terrible if you just lost out on the $600 you spent in bids (which really had to have been a lot of bids (3,750 at the sale price of $0.16 to be exact) so what does DealDash do to make losing easier on you?
DealDash lets you buy it now!
If you didn’t win the auction for the new HP ultrabook, if you decide you would like all of the bids you placed back and you really want the laptop, for up to 7 days from the time the auction ends DealDash will let you buy the item and get all of the bids you used bidding back in your account instantly!
DealDash makes it super easy to do too: All you have to do is click “Buy it now” on the item after it’s already ended and pay $650, and you will get ALL of the bids you placed back into your account to try again next time. Most penny auction sites don’t let you do that, you would have just lost $600!
Step 1: Click buy it now, it’s right under the bidding area on the item’s page!
Step 2: Click buy it now on the second screen that pops-up over the item. Pay $650 and your new laptop will be shipped to you free of shipping charges – The ultrabook will be covered with a full manufacturer’s warranty from HP!clearance deals hp ultrabook touch screen 2-in-1
Good luck and happy bidding and buying on DealDash!