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DealDash currently has 10 different categories. Which one will you choose today?

DealDash often restructures their categories. There are currently 10 categories, as a vacation category has been added for all of the amazing vacations that you now have an opportunity to bid on and win. Here is a quick primer on the different DealDash categories.

New Items

First up is the “New Items” category. This is exactly like it sounds – all of the new items across all of the different categories. In this area, you will find everything from jewelry to tools and more. This is the first category that you will want to visit if you are trying to find something new and interesting to bid on. If you would like to see this category, just click here. 

Bid Packs

The “Bid Pack” category has many different sizes of packs. Currently, they are being offered in packs of 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, all the way up to 9,000! In the past, there have been packs as small as 25. You never know which bid packs will be offered, so be sure to check them out at this link here.


If you’re looking for a group of similar items, then you will want to check out the “Bundles” category at this link right here. In this category, you will find personal care bundles, executive bundles, women’s bundles, and more. This is a great place to go if you’re looking for a gift to give someone.

Electronics and Computers

You will find many different electronics in this category, as you might expect. There are computers, iPads, and tablets of course. However, it doesn’t stop there. You will also find cameras and camera accessories including tripods. You’ll also find phones, phone chargers, and phone cases as well as video game systems and games. If you would like to see the electronics, just click here.

Fashion, Health, and Beauty

No matter if you’re into spa treatments, massage chairs, or hair accessories, this section can accommodate you. You’ll find hair dryers, high-quality flat iron hair straighteners as you might expect. Also in the Fashion, Health and Beauty category, you will find massage chairs, foot massagers, clothing, jewelry, and designer bags. Just click here to check it out!

Gift Cards

If you’re looking for gift cards, DealDash is the place to go! Just click here. The gift cards change pretty often, but you will find cards such as Target, Wal*Mart, CVS, restaurant cards, fast food cards, and more. Bidding on gift cards on DealDash is a great idea because if you don’t win you can always do a Buy It Now (BIN) and get all of your bids back when you purchase the gift card.

Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games

This category is a favorite with kids and adults alike. Not only are there kid’s toys like stuffed animals and night lights, but there are products for the whole family such as bikes and trampolines. If you’re looking for a fun product, this is the category to visit! Just click here.

Home, Garden, and Tools

I love this category! Here you will find everything for the home such as rugs, furniture, organizational items and more! If you’re looking for a small appliance such as a vacuum, automatic cat litter box, auto-opening garbage can, or painting, you’re in luck! You will find all of them here.

Kitchen and Dining

This category has many wonderful items in it, and you will be a big fan if you love cooking and spending time in the kitchen. Here you will find pots and pans, cutlery, KitchenAid mixers, bead makers, and just about anything you might want to spruce up your kitchen. Just click here and check it out.


The “Vacations” category is a new edition, and wow! There are so many amazing vacations that you can win (or BIN) in this category. You will find trips to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and my town, Boston! Bidding on one of these vacations is a total no-brainer if you are planning on a trip to one of these destinations anyway because you can BIN one of these trips and get all of your bids back. Just click here to check them out.

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When you check out these categories on DealDash you are sure to find something that you love!

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Check out these amazing categories on DealDash! Browse and bid in 10 different categories on DealDash. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Have a good time on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!


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DealDash Tips for the Garden

DealDash Tips Garden

Tips for the garden? It’s 12 degrees here, are you crazy, DealDash? Nope! It’s time to plan ahead.

Even though it might be freezing outside with a fine dusting of snow on the ground, it’s definitely time to be thinking about and planning your garden for the Spring. You’re going to need to plan out what you are going to plant, as well as get the supplies that you need to do the planting. Let DealDash help.

The Home, Garden, and Tools category on DealDash has some great items that you will want to check out before you go shopping at your local big box store. The Home, Garden, and Tools category has a large variety of things that you will need to work on your garden and the rest of your yard this upcoming spring. Here are a few of the highlights from the Home, Garden, and Tools category on DealDash.

Mowers and Edgers

DealDash has a huge variety of lawn mowers. They have many different brands, including all of the big names that you would find at your local hardware store. There are gas-powered mowers as well as electric mowers for the environmentally conscious homeowners out there. DealDash also has lawn edgers and shrub pruners to round out your yard clean-up.

Fountains, Garden Beds, and More

DealDash has an amazing selection of statues and fountains to make your garden the best-looking in your neighborhood. You’ll want to invite all of your neighbors over to see the calming and serene garden that you’ve created in your backyard with fountains and benches, all from DealDash. There are also raised garden beds, tillers, and small hand tools to help you get your garden looking it’s best this Spring.

Those Little Extras

If you really want to make your garden stand out this year, why not try adding some extras? DealDash has a selection of bird feeders that will bring all of the birds to the yard. They also have the ever-popular LED solar lights. I can personally vouch for the LED solar lights, I have them edging my front walk, and they are great! They are even still working even though they are 75% covered in snow. Check the reviews on their DealDash page – 5 Stars!

I hope that you found this article helpful. If you’re looking for something fun to get your garden and yard into shape visit DealDash. DealDash has many yard items for auction to put a smile on your face. Just click here to visit DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash Tulips Garden

Power Tools for Your Garden from DealDash

Everyone wants a nice yard for their home. DealDash offers some of the best tools you’ll find anywhere at an incredible price. Hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and weed whackers are all essential tools every gardener should have.

gardening tools

It’s important to take care of your yard for the purpose of sustainable growth and below you can see some of the most important pieces of yard equipment, most of which you can find at DealDash at an incredible price. Many of these you’re familiar with and you may need to upgrade or replace if you already own them. DealDash is the perfect place to upgrade your gardening tools.

Top GardenTools

Lawnmower – A lawnmower is essential for keeping a nice healthy and green lawn. Lawnmowers on DealDash are priced low and can be won at auction for a considerably smaller price than they would be from a department store.

Weed Whacker – Weed whackers are ideal for touching up the delicate edges of your lawn and around many landscaped areas. At DealDash you can usually find them as stand-alone items or in gardening tools packages.

Hedge Trimmer – The classic hedge trimmer is great for taking down shrubs and bushes and really cleaning up the yard.

Leaf Blower – These are great for clearing off drive ways and walk ways and helping to spruce up the yard and home.

Rakes, Shovels, and Trowels – Every gardener will need these standard tools if they are looking to maintain and clean they’re home.

Along with having the right tools (Which you can find on DealDash right now), it’s important that you have proper places to store them and can pick them up at a good price when the time calls for it. I suggest you go to DealDash and pick some stuff up.gardening tools

At DealDash, you can count on really good, quality equipment for excellent prices. There are an entire range of items there and they’re constantly changing. You can count on finding everything on this list along with the proper storage containers and everything else you need to take care of and maintain your yard.

DealDash is one of the best sources for all the items you need and you can always count on finding the best prices on them. Plus, if you bid right, you can get garden tools at unbelievable prices. All you need to do in order for that to happen is head to the DealDash website and start bidding. You can go to the site right now, and a great tip is to bid on more bids… It’s  one of the best ways to save yourself  a bundle of cash.

DealDash Tips on Garden Care

Your garden as well as yard are the first things to individuals entering your residence see. DealDash wants to help you keep it beautiful and knows sustaining them can be a very laborious activity, yet it ends up being mandatory to maintain them in a good condition. There is absolutely no netter feeling compared to enjoying time in an environment-friendly, trimmed as well as smooth looking garden and also yard. A terribly conserved lawn will offer a bad impression of you and your
Simply mowing and also watering the lawn will certainly not be good enough. It needs to be truly taken good treatment of. There are some people aspects that need to be thought about to attain that tempting green and even textured golf type of yard.
Begin by examining the dirt. The dirt needs to be nutrient abundant for plants to grow well. Along with water fertilizers will certainly be needed to help it grown much faster more powerful as well as much healthier. Secondly, examine the drainage of soil. If your land has the propensity to accumulate water, your plants will certainly not only be prone to harm, however retention of water will promote growth of fungus.
Certainly water is necessary for the development of plants, but one has to take into consideration certain truths also. If the portion of sand in the dirt is much more, then your requirement for sprinkling will certainly be more too considering that sand does not have the tendency to keep water in it. On the other hand a clay type of dirt keeps high humidity so its requirement for water will be less.
If your yard is located in a shadowy location, its requirement for water will certainly be very little as its moisture degree will certainly stay stable for long periods of time as compared to locations that are revealed to route sunshine.
So schedule your watering according to the demands of your yard. The excellent time to sprinkle the yard and also the garden is early morning and night. Fertilizing is crucial too yet this once again depends upon dirt. In general, use fertilizers as soon as possible as this will replace the soil of its lost potassium, nitrogen and also magnesium.
You should remove weeds and bad types of lawn from your lawn and also yard. This is considering that they take in the important nutrients implied for plants and lawn and also deteriorate them in this procedure.
You will certainly likewise have to eliminate the little bugs damaging the fallen leaves. Identifying the pest will aid and help destroy them with sure chemicals implied specifically for these species.
Your grass and also yard do require your focus and treatment, the efforts that you put in does settle when you see an environment-friendly, neat and intense area right before your eyes. Now that you have some great tips on lawn care from DealDash, head on into the site and see what you can find.