Choosing a New Avatar

Have you seen the new avatars now has available for us to use? If not, you can check them out by going to “My Dashboard” and clicking on “Public Profile.” That’s where we can see the 42 new avatars. We can also edit our bidder bio, see the photo or avatar we are now using, and/or select a new avatar. Perhaps now might be a good time for us to choose a new icon.

When we became a member on DealDash, we had the option of choosing one of our own photos or avatars or select one from a set of old avatars DealDash had at the time. We still have the option of using one of our own avatars or choosing one of the new ones, which have a whole new look to them. 

New avatars on DealDash

Why Change Our Avatar

Changing our avatar may or may not be a good idea, depending on what our objective might be. Other players on DealDash can immediately identify us by seeing our avatar and our screen names.

Our screen names never change, so that’s the main thing I always go by to identify various other shoppers. Sometimes I recognize other players from their avatars, too, especially if they have used the same one for several years. The avatars we use are not supposed to be selected with the intention of purposely attempting to intimidate other shoppers. However, there are a few avatars that slip through the cracks that do raise a red flag for me whenever I see them. The avatars are supposed to be more of a fun way to show off our individual personalities. Our bidder bios are also not supposed to be used to intimidate others.

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Is DealDash Legit?

I saw an article on Consumer Press by Chris Andrews, where he asks the question: Is Legit or is it a scam?

To make his point, Andrews used as an example the TV that I won. Yes, I was the lady in the first TV commercial I’ve been bidding on the DealDash shopping site since Feb. 8, 2012.

Young excited couple sitting at home on comfortable sofa watching soccer play live broadcast online on their laptop cheering for their favourite team happy with the score results.

There’s a lot wrong with that article. Let me count the ways.

In the Early Days

When the company was just getting started and they were still fairly small, it was a lot easier to win bargains because there was not much competition. However, now that DealDash has grown into a much larger company, you have to know what you’re doing, and many shoppers do not have the foggiest idea how to shop on this site to win.

Andrews said if bids cost 60 cents each and I used 414 bids to win the 55-inch TV, plus the $29.95 closing cost, that TV actually cost me $248.40 instead of less than $30.00 and that’s simply not true. Few shoppers pay a full 60 cents per bid. I usually wait until the bid packs go on sale for 10 or 11 cents per bid. Also, DealDash customers often bid on and win bid packs, which I did. When we win bid packs, we might only pay a few pennies per bid instead of the full cost of 60 cents per bid.

I won two bid packs before bidding on the TV set, which was worth $1,300, not the $1,700 mentioned here, and I did not have to pay the sale price of $29.95 because I won the TV several years ago when DealDash had a “free to the winner” feature. They do not have that feature anymore but they were trying it out for the first time on the night I won the TV. Shipping and handling is also free. So when I do the math, I did win the TV for less than $30.00. Is that typical? No. But does it really happen? Yes.

So is DealDash legit? Yes. Can people actually win great bargains? Yes. If we look at the winner’s list, we can see fantastic deals that some DealDash customers win every single day. What’s the catch? I’ll be honest with you. The catch is that DealDash customers who want to win a bargain have to learn how to play smart. We cannot just click on bid now or put bids into BidBuddy and expect to win.  If you do not know how to play smart, you can lose more than you win. After all, DealDash is a business and it has to make money just like any other business.

Earning Free Bids

There are a couple other factors I did not mention. DealDash gives us all kinds of opportunities to win free bids.

Customers get 10 seconds on the clock every time we place a bid.  Once our green line gets all the way to the right, we win free bids. I’m on Level 74 and just won 1,140 free bids. Every day we sign in, if we use 30 bids the day before, and then sign in the next day, we get 30 free bids back. Every day DealDash also offers a “daily challenge” where we can earn more free bids than we use to meet the challenge. Since we only need to place one bid in each of the 10 bid packs, we can get 5 bids ahead every day by meeting the daily challenge.

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Analyzing Data – Three kinds of online shoppers

From my observations, I see three kinds of shoppers on

  • Those who enjoy playing on this shopping site because they find it fun and entertaining, but they don’t really care if they win or not;
  • Those who shop on DealDash to win great bargains, but they don’t want to put in any effort to become better players; and
  • Those who want to win as many auctions as possible. They continually read, research and study how to become the best and most successful shoppers on DealDash.

Shoppers who fall into the last group I mentioned above are most likely the ones reading this blog now to see if they can learn any new tips or tricks.

Since I started shopping on DealDash on Feb. 8, 2012, I’ve never stopped learning new things or getting new ideas on how to become a better player. In the early days of DealDash, shoppers did not have as much data to look at when making decisions on “to bid or not to bid.” Now DealDash provides plenty of data that shoppers can analyze to make wise shopping choices.

Data Available

When we double click on an auction a window will open up. There we can see the dates that same auction was last won, the screen names of the winners, what the sale price was when it closed, how many bids the winners used and what the estimated total cost was to the winners (the final sale price, plus the cost of the bids that were used to win it).

The total cost to each winner might not be very accurate because we do not know if the winners bought their bids on sale or if they won a huge pack of bids for only a few bids. That makes a difference to the overall cost for each winner, which is good to keep in mind.

There’s data available also on how real bidders have enjoyed DealDash. You can find the legit reviews online and make your own decisions based on that.

We can also see how many DealDash customers qualified to compete in the auction before it as closed to “No New Bidders.”

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For Everything There is a Reason

If you are a senior citizen like me, you might remember hearing the song, (To) Everything There Is a Season. This song was written by Pete Seeger in the late 1950s and was first recorded in 1959. Regardless, a certain place or event can often trigger the lyrics of a “catchy” song no matter how old it may be. Some songs can get stuck in our minds for a while and we can actually hear them play over and over again. In fact, that can sometimes happen to young people, too.

Recently, when I was shopping on the lyrics to that song came back to me, but instead of (To) Everything There Is a Season, the thought occurred to me For Everything There Is a Reason. Why was that? I was just wondering why some people over-bid the value of an auction and that’s when the idea For Everything There Is a Reason came to my mind.

Over the last several years, I probably wrote about 600 blogs about how to play smart and win more auctions on DealDash. In some of my blogs I suggested how foolish I thought it was for anyone to ever overbid the listed BIN value of an auction. Therefore, I was surprised to find myself doing the same thing.

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‘Sweetheart’ of a Deal

Are you looking for a “Sweetheart” of a deal for a special someone for Valentine’s Day?  

Is it a challenge to come up with the perfect gift for such special occasions? If so, might be the best place for us to shop to get outstanding gifts for family members and friends at bargain prices.

Did you know that Valentine’s Day started with the Romans? According to the Roman Emperor Claudius II was trying to bolster his army and he forbade young men from getting married because he believed that single men made better soldiers. St. Valentine defied the ban and performed secret marriages in the “spirit of love,” reports. For his disobedience, Valentine was executed on Feb. 14, paying the ultimate price in the name of love.

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