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Have you shopped on recently?

If not, it’s a good time to check it out again because DealDash now has some new and exciting products. Over the last several years, DealDash has been one of the best places to shop for and get great bargains sheets sets and duvets. I’ve been shopping on DealDash since Feb. 8, 2012; and I have been able to secure enough queen and king-size sheet sets and duvets for all three of my bedrooms.

Recently, DealDash has added many wonderful blankets as well.

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Strategies for Auctions: Plan to Win

Most shoppers who frequently get awesome bargains on do not just place their bids willy-nilly, but they have a plan of action. If we take some time to simply watch the most successful players, we can learn a lot from them.

Early Bird Gets the Deal

You probably have heard, “The early bird get the worm.” In this case, however, the early bidder gets the deal.

Early bidders are DealDash customers who only place bids at the beginning of each auction. That’s a pretty good plan for a couple of reasons.

First, sooner or later, most auctions will close early. If an auction does close early, that means the players who only place bids at the beginning of an auction will always be sure to get the product for a bargain price. By using only a few bids near the beginning of each auction, these shoppers will also be able to stretch their bids and get a lot of bang for only a few bucks. The only real downfall to this early bidding plan is that these players can only win if and when the auctions close early.

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