New Year’s Eve – DealDash Tips Style

DealDash Tips New Years Eve 2017

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! Tonight is a special night, I’m sure you’re looking forward to Midnight!

Even though Midnight is what we are all focused on, why not spend some time browsing on DealDash to make the time go by faster? I have some super-secret DealDash Tips for you, read on for some information on current and future DealDash promotions.

If you have already visited DealDash today you might have noticed that the bids are currently .13, which is a great deal. All auction wins are also half-off right now. So if you haven’t paid DealDash a visit yet today you should!

Bid Prices and Special Sales Below

However, tomorrow is New Year’s Day, and you know that DealDash wouldn’t let a major national holiday go by without a great sale! The bids will be at an all-time low of .12, and all wins will be FREE! Well, technically they will be .01, for processing, but it’s so much more fun to say free, free, FREE! 

This is good for all auctions that start tomorrow, even if the auction lasts through the night and into the next day. As long as you start bidding on an auction with the price crossed out and the words “Free” it will be .01 no matter when it ends. This would be a great time to start bidding on a high-priced item that you plan on BINning (Buy It Now) anyway because it’s very easy to figure out exactly how many bids that you need to place to bid it up to the BIN limit. Figuring out how many bids to place into the BidBuddy is always a little tricky when you are bidding on a full or even half-priced auction.

Earn Free Bids

Take advantage of this free auction promotion to get the most out of your bids! If you are bidding things up to the BIN limit, then you are going to be earning a lot of “Time as the Highest Bidder.” This way, you will be earning your free bids in no time!

I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article helpful. Remember to check to the DealDash Reviewed and DealDash Tips blogs often, because you never know when we are going to be posting more super-secret information like bid prices and DealDash sale promotions. Now that you have this information, go visit DealDash and browse the auctions. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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DealDash Exercise Tips for Busy Moms

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Busy moms everywhere are having a difficult time losing weight and staying healthy due to so many other chores. Here are some tips from DealDash to try to fit in some exercise.

Are you a busy mom? Has it been a few years since you had your last baby, yet you still haven’t lost all of the baby weight? It’s so difficult to find time to fit in exercise with all of the other chores that you need to do each day. Here are some quick tips from DealDash to help you get slimmed down and feeling your best.

Mix Chores with Exercise

That’s right! The next time that you need to vacuum get a work out in while you clean. If you still have a baby small enough to wear in a carrier, strap that baby on and wear them while you vacuum. The extra weight that the child adds provides more resistance, so you are burning more calories than without the baby. If you think that your baby is too big to wear, you just need a different carrier! If you have a mei tai carrier (an extremely long piece of cloth that you tie to hold the baby) you can carry a child up to about 4 years old!

If you don’t have a child small enough to wear in a carrier, then try putting on ankle weights when you vacuum. The ankle weights provide resistance as well, so try and wear the heaviest weights that you can wear safely.

Try Yard Work and Gardening

If you have a small child they would probably love to play in the dirt with you. Take your child outside with you to do the yard work and gardening. Doing yard work burns a surprising amount of calories:

Raking and bagging leaves: 350-450 calories per hour

Gardening: pulling weeds, planting flowers, etc.: 200-400 calories per hour

Mowing the lawn: 250-350 calories per hour

Watch Cartoons and Pedal

Watching cartoons with your child is normally an activity that burns zero calories. However, if you get a Gold’s Gym Folding Body Cycle from DealDash (as pictured below) you can get your work out in while you enjoy the show with your child. Now that DealDash requests that you give reviews to the products that you win, you can see how well this product might work for you.

Gold's Gym Folding Upper & Lower Body Cycle with Monitor

I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article helpful. If you’re a busy mom then you should follow these tips to get a little healthier. DealDash has many fitness products that you might like such as weights, yoga balls, and more. DealDash has everything you need. Visit DealDash now. Good luck and happy DealDash bidding!

Here’s a Tip – DealDash Loves YOU

DealDash loves you

DealDash is a great company, they appreciate your business, they respect you as bidders, and they treat their employees well. DealDash rewards your loyalty with free bids.

DealDash is a well-respected, long-standing (8 years in February!) website that treats its customers with gratitude, respect, and kindness. Many online auction companies are completely nameless and faceless, but at DealDash you can always get a human to answer your question, help you with a problem, or give you some bidding advice. Here at DealDash Tips we always like to look at the positive side of life, here are some ways that DealDash shows it’s appreciation for you, the bidder.

Time As Highest Bidder

Were you aware that every time that you place a bid DealDash keeps track of the time that you were the highest bidder? If you look on the bottom of your screen you can see a little meter that goes up, up, UP while you are the highest bidder. As long as no one “jumps” your bid and bids right after you, you will receive approximately 8 or 9 seconds per bid. When your bid meter at the bottom of the screen is filled up, you reach the next level, you will be rewarded with the free bids. On DealDash, the more you bid, the more free bids you receive as a gesture of appreciation from DealDash.

Social Media

You can receive free bids for posting pictures of the items that you won from DealDash on Facebook.

Follow these steps to get your free bids:

1. Select an item you have won on DealDash to feature in the photo.
2. Take a high quality photo clearly showing yourself and the item you won.
3. Post photo to DealDash’s Facebook page and add a description which should include the following information: the item name, retail price, how much you paid for the item and a personal comment about the win as well. For example: “I got this $149 sewing machine on @DealDash. I paid just $9.08 and used 201 bids! Thanks DealDash, I love to sew!”
4. In the end of the caption, please include the following sentence and the link (See the picture below):
See how much you can save at:

If the item value is $199 or above you’ll get 200 Free Bids!

If the item value is $99 to $198 you’ll get 75 Free Bids!

If the item value is less than $99 you’ll get 10 Free Bids!

You can see all of these instructions and guidelines on the DealDash Facebook page here. Sorry, these must be actual items, not gift cards or bid packs.

Writing reviews

Did you know that you can get free bids by writing product reviews on items that you have won? This is just another instance of DealDash valuing your opinion and your patronage as a customer. If you look on your DealDash dashboard you should see the items that you have won. If you see a link to write a review, just click it and write a few sentences about the item. DealDash will reward you with 10 free bids!

I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article helpful. Be sure to visit us here every day on the DealDash Tips blog, and also on the DealDash Reviewed blog. DealDash has items for the home, kitchen, garage, and playroom. Check out DealDash auctions for bargains. Visit DealDash now to save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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DealDash Tips to Win Toys

LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle 75104

Toys? Toys?! Why would anyone want to win toys from DealDash just a few days after Christmas? Read on to find out why.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, a great reason to bid on DealDash toys right now is they are not the top priority on everyone’s wish list right now. Just think, everyone who has kids and grandkids that they love to shop for have most likely just given the kids tons of presents! Unless any of their favorite kiddos has a January birthday, toys are going to be at the bottom of the shopping list for at least a month or so.

Strike while the iron is hot!

There are so many awesome new toys, Legos, night lights, baby toys, bikes, trikes, and kid accessories that are going for just pennies on the dollar right now on DealDash because no one is buying toys! Here’s a tip- bid and win on these toys now, and keep them in the closet for next Christmas! Or you could also keep them in the closet for various birthdays and birthday parties that your kids will attend through the rest of the school year.

Donation = Good Karma

Kids who live in foster care don’t always get Christmas presents. The state tries to give out as many gift and clothing vouchers that they can, but let’s face it – there are approximately 500,000 kids in foster care in the USA on any given day. Some of these kids just fall through the cracks and aren’t recognized with a gift at Christmas. Did you know that  on average, children remain in state care for nearly two years and seven percent of children in foster care have languished there for five or more years? Here’s a tip- win some toys on DealDash, donate them to your local Department of Social Services, and make kids happy. These kids won’t mind if their gift is a few weeks late.

The same applies to pet products as well, as a reader kindly pointed out to me the last time that I mentioned donations. If you ever happen to win an item on DealDash that an animal would enjoy, please consider donating it to your local animal shelter for the homeless kitties and puppies. It’s the kind thing to do.

I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article helpful. Get some excellent toys on DealDash at a discount. DealDash has items for kids and babies. Visit DealDash now to browse the auctions. Remember to check back here on DealDash Tips every day for tips and bidding advice, and DealDash Reviewed for fun ideas and inspiration. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker

DealDash Photography Tips for Bids

DEALDASH photography

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get free bids from DealDash. But here are some tips to take better pictures.

Getting free bids on DealDash is easy and fun – all you have to do is take a picture of yourself and the item and send it in to DealDash. I’ll give more detailed instructions down below, but for now, here are some tips from DealDash to take better-looking pictures. After all, these pictures are posted on Facebook for others to see, don’t you want to look your best?

  • Take your picture outside in the sunlight. You’ll look better with natural lighting, and there will be more light to showcase your item.
  • Smile! Come on, this isn’t chores, it’s fun! Show those pearly whites off and flash your best smile for the camera.
  • If you can get someone else to take your picture it will probably turn out better, but if you’re taking your picture solo, see if you can use the timer feature on your camera.
  • Keep it simple. You don’t need to stage anything elaborate, just you and the DealDash win in the picture is perfect.
  • Make sure that you hold the camera steady when you take the picture. It will look so much more sharp and clear when you hold it steady.
  • Look directly at the camera when you’re taking the picture. Try not to blink.
  • Take a few pictures in a row. There’s a much higher chance of getting a good picture if you take 3 or 4 than if you just take one.

Now that you’ve read the tips, are you ready to take pictures of your DealDash winnings? Here are the full instructions describing how to get free bids from DealDash using your picture that you just took.Here’s how:

After you have taken your photo of you and your DealDash win head on over to the DealDash Facebook page which is here, and “Like” it. Once you have liked DealDash on Facebook, you can post your picture to get free bids. Here are the instructions from DealDash describing how to get free bids from Facebook:

1. Select an item you have won on DealDash to feature in the photo.
2. Take a high quality photo clearly showing yourself and the item you won.
3. Send the photo as an attachment via email to [email protected] and add a description which should include the following information: the item name, retail price, how much you paid for the item and a personal comment about the win as well. For example: “I got this $688 Garmin GPS on @DealDash. I paid just $6.08 and used 62 bids! Thanks DealDash, I will never get lost again!”


I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article on taking pictures to get free bids helpful. Win items, take pictures, get free bids, win more items! It’s the DealDash circle of life! If you like winning household items, toys, and tools go see the auctions on DealDash. Visit DealDash now to save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


DealDash Tips for Hockey Lovers

DealDash loves hockey

If you or your family loves hockey then it’s your lucky day. Here are some DealDash tips for hockey lovers.

Being originally from the south, hockey mystified me. My closest hockey experience until I moved up north was watching that old movie The Mighty Ducks. Now that I live in New England hockey makes a little more sense to me. People here in Boston love the Boston Bruins, and while I don’t claim to know a lot about the finer points of hockey, it sure is fun to go to a game! Here are some fun facts about hockey from DealDash that I hope you enjoy.

Did you know that up until 1974 goalies didn’t wear face masks? This is extremely dangerous, the fastest ever recorded shot in NHL history was clocked at 108.8 miles per hour by Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins. This would explain why people normally think hockey players and missing teeth go hand in hand.

This next fact is a sad one – Detroit Red Wings fans throw octopus onto the ice for good luck. The story of the Octopus originates in 1952 when a Detroit Red Wings fan threw an octopus onto the ice rink. Their team went on to win eight straight games to win the championship, making the symbolic correlation with the eight tentacles of an octopus. This might be good luck for the Detroit Red Wings, but definitely not for the poor octopus!

Did you know that there are actually three Stanley Cups? The original Cup was made in 1892, which is on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame – it’s only 7 inches tall! The Presentation Cup, which is the one that you are probably the most familiar with, it’s the cup that goes on tour, and that you see the players skate with; and lastly, an official replica of the Presentation Cup, which is displayed at the Hockey Hall of Fame when the Presentation Cup is elsewhere.

If you have a child that’s interested in hockey, great! Playing hockey is great exercise, and healthy for the body as long as safety equipment is worn. If your child is interested in hockey but you don’t live anywhere near an ice rink try street hockey!

Here’s another fun fact – DealDash carries hockey-related merchandise! DealDash has autographed hockey pucks, autographed hockey sticks, hockey jerseys, and hockey video games. If you’re a big hockey fan you should head on over to DealDash and pick up some hockey items. Visit DealDash now. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash Christmas Tips to WIN!

DealDash Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m sure by this time you and your family have already opened open your presents and had a lovely day. Now let’s get back to DealDash!

How was your day? I hope that it was full of family, friends, and delicious food. Did you get all of the presents that you asked for from Santa? If not, maybe it’s time to get back to DealDash and win those coveted items that you are yearning to have. Here are some tips from DealDash for getting back into the auctions if you have taken a few days (or weeks!) off for the holidays.

If you’ve taken some time off from DealDash because you were busy with holiday preparations, you probably need to replenish your stock of bids. Well, today is a very good day to buy bids. Today only, bids are for sale on DealDash for only 12 cents!!! This is the absolute lowest price that I have ever seen bids, so it is an excellent time to stock up on bids for the upcoming days, weeks, or even months depending on how many you are planning to buy. I would definitely suggest that you purchase your bids soon, though, because on days that bids are priced so cheaply they tend to sell out by the end of the night. Click here to go to DealDash to buy .12 bids.

Another thing that you should take advantage of today is free auction wins. It’s true! Any auction that starts today will have a final auction price of .01 (for payment processing), no matter how high the auction price goes – even if it goes to hundreds of dollars, you will just pay .01 if you are the winner. This is good for all auctions that start today, even if the auction lasts through the night and into tomorrow. As long as you start bidding on an auction with the price crossed out and the words “Free” it will be .01 no matter when it ends. Isn’t that an awesome deal?! You can get some really great deals if you are able to win with only a few bids – which definitely happens! Look through the “Winners” tab at the top to see what people are winning, and at what price.

I hope that you have found this DealDash Tips blog helpful. I hope that you and your family had an amazing Christmas! Feel free to write your favorite Christmas moments in the comments, I’d love to read them. Go check out the .12 bids and the free wins on DealDash. DealDash has everything you need to complete your holiday. Visit DealDash now! Merry Christmas from DealDash!

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DealDash Tips to Enjoy Christmas Eve

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Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Here are some tips from DealDash to enjoy your evening.

I hope that you’re having a lovely Christmas Eve so far this afternoon and that everything is merry and bright for you. I certainly hope that you have gotten all of your shopping, wrapping, and mailing out of presents done and that Christmas Eve can be all about relaxing with your family. Here are some tips from DealDash for enjoying your Christmas Eve.

Forget cooking! Who wants to spend Christmas Eve in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up? Order some Chinese food, pizza, sandwiches, or whatever your family likes. Use paper plates to minimize the clean up. If you really enjoy cooking, then do something simple such as using that slow cooker that you won from DealDash and get the whole family to pitch in when it’s time to clean up.

Caroling. Many churches do Christmas caroling on Christmas Eve, and you don’t necessarily need to be a member of the church to join in. Check the website of a few local churches to see if they are doing caroling tonight. We went caroling every year with the church on Christmas Eve when I was little and it was a lot of fun.

Christmas Lights. My favorite Christmas Eve tradition is driving around after it got dark and looking at Christmas lights. Luckily when I was a kid the neighborhood right across from mine held an annual Christmas light contest, so there were always some outrageous light displays to look at when I was little.

PJs. It’s so much fun to open a present on Christmas Eve, and in my family (and many others!) the present is usually new PJs, or maybe a robe or slippers for the grown ups. PJs are a great present to open on Christmas Eve, it’s nice to have new, soft PJs to wear, but they aren’t such an exciting present that kids would want to stay up and play with them like they would a fun new toy.

Hot cocoa. Hot cocoa for everyone is a delicious tradition, which is extra nice when paired with a fire in the fireplace and someone in the family reading Christmas stories aloud. If no one in your family is fond of reading out loud, then you can drink your hot cocoa while watching a Christmas movie, instead.

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Eve! When you have some spare time after the kids go to bed, be sure to visit DealDash. DealDash has great items for your whole family. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!