DealDash Tips to Buying a New Bike

If you plan to purchase a nice mountain bicycle on DealDash in the near future, there are several aspects you will certainly need to take into consideration. Among the most important aspects of choosing a bike is just what you are going to be utilizing the mountain bike for.


For instance, one of the most enthusiastic hill bicycle riders, as the name suggests, prefer to take their mountain bicycle to tough and also rocky mountain surface. Make sure you’re safe and wearing protection, DealDash doesn’t want you to get hurt. Other hill bikers like unpaved roads and also tracks, while various other mtb enthusiasts adhere to smooth roads as well as bike paths.

There is a direct relationship to kind of using you will certainly do and also the kind of mountain bicycle you ought to purchase. Three points to pay special attention to are the mountain bike’s tires, the mountain bike’s forks, and also the mtb’s saddle. Read these tips from DealDash to learn the secret to picking the best bike for you.

Mountain Bike Forks

There are different types of mountain bike forks, but the important point you intend to search for are shocks. Mountain bicycle with shocks will typically be much more comfy to use than those that do not have shocks, and also will certainly also be much better outfitted to review rougher surface. Mountain bikes without shocks will certainly have a more rigid feel to them, however you may find that these bikes are built more for rate compared to mountain bikes without shocks. DealDash has a full range of different bikes to choose from which you can go look at now.

Mtb Saddles

Some saddles are quite lightweight and also do not offer a great deal of padding. Some saddles are much heavier and supply a lot of padding. Usually, mountain bikes that have saddles without a great deal of extra padding are much more high performance oriented, while those that have more cushioning in the saddle are created for leisurely riding. Some mountain bikes likewise have shock absorbing seat articles.

If you locate that you like a higher performance mountain bicycle far better compared to a mountain bike that is created for convenience, but do not such as the saddle, remember that you can constantly switch the saddle out for a more comfy one. While you’re at the DealDash website, make sure to place some bids on more bids! It’s the best way to get the most bang for your buck on the DealDash website.

Mountain Bike Tires

When you buy a mtb, have a look at the tires. Do you plan to use on quite rugged terrain? Then make sure the tires are large, a little bulky, as well as supplies lots of traction. Do you plan on riding just on pavement? After that stick with a tire that is a little narrower as well as smoother, yet provides a bit of traction. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make use of a tire with a great deal of grip on pavement, however you will certainly get more rate with a smoother tire. You can look at the specs for each bike you purchase on DealDash to make sure it is the one that is best suited for you.


These are simply a couple of fundamental points to look for in a mountain bike. Ultimately, buy a mountain bike that you enjoy using … you will possibly be using the mountain bike you purchase for the following 5 or 10 years! And now all you need to do is go to the DealDash website and pick one up at auction for yourself.

DD Secrets: Sale Weekend at Deal Dash

This weekend at DealDash they bring us so many opportunities to win prizes!  The reason being, they are giving away bids at amazing rates, DealDash is having  a Bid Multiplier Blow Out!

When America is “busy” DealDash listens.  It is always around a major holiday that you can find the BEST deals at DealDash, and this weekend is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s Mother’s Day and DD wants us to stop by!  If you have an app you can bid on the run, I’ve used the App. and it’s so much fun to pick up your phone and see the fireworks exploding on the screen!

DealDash is having a major Bid Multiplier sale this weekend,  on Friday and Saturday you will earn 3X the free bids, much more that DealDash already gives us.  Then on Sunday, Mother’s Day, they are giving us 5X the free bids.  Even though I’m a Mom, I will have my App. nearby, after all my adult children will have their phones, why can’t I?  haha #bestmothersdayever!  haha.  I love being a mom, but I love DD too!

That isn’t the only gift they are giving Mom’s this weekend, bids will be only .12 and .13 cents.  all day Friday they are .13 cents and on Sat. and Sun. only .12 cents!!

Now, if none of this is enough to get you over to DealDash, how about 50% off wins on Friday and Sat. and then FREE WINS on Sunday!  I love 5X multiplier and FREE WINS plus FREE SHIPPING! Thanks DealDash, you really know how to love your customers on Mother’s Day!!

Let’s Recap

Fri. .13 cent bids, 3X bid multiplier, 50% off wins

Sat. .12 cent bids, 3X multiplier, 50% off wins

Sunday, Mother’s Day .12 cent bids, 5X bid multiplier, and FREE WINS!

Remember, every item from DealDash is delivered FREE.  This is an amazing sale this weekend, and I will beat you there…oooops, I mean I will see you there ! Haha.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

The Benefits of a Floor Robot from DealDash

Are you tired of vacuuming your flooring and carpets each day? You may want to consider a flooring robotic vacuum from DealDash to assist you on those days that vacuuming simply isn’t visiting match for your timetable.

floor robot

This design of a floor vacuum on DealDash is special because it functions on its own with just one touch of a button from you. There goes to least one model on the market that will turn on without you even being in your house. Utilizing the Net, a robot vacuum cleaner from DealDash can be turned on when you are in an entirely various locations. This small, round vacuum cleaner can be set to wash your carpets or flooring at a specific time of the day without your aid.

The robot vacuum cleaners on DealDash make use of sensors to spot dust and crud on your carpets or floorings. If it senses more dirt in one location, it will invest even more time cleaning that area. Usually, this kind of vacuum will arbitrarily look at the whole area 4 times to make sure it is away from particles, dirt and also dust. Most likely the greatest function of this sort of vacuum is that it could fit beneath the furnishings and also the beds.

Various designs of the robot vacuum use ultrasound technology or sensing units to prevent knocking against wall surfaces, the pet water bowl, or furniture. A few of the more economical designs just quit when they run into a things, which could be your sofa or your wood baseboards, as well as could scrape furniture or wall surfaces in time. It’s ideal to purchase one outfitted with rubber bumpers to minimize possible harm to your residence.

Are these robotic vacuum cleaners on DealDash able to purchase your home as clean as a standard upright or cylinder vacuum? Although there are versions that have an integrated brush that is intended to clean up along the edge of the wall surface, this robotic cleaner doesn’t efficiently clean edges or locations around plants, the commode, etc. You’ll still have to perform detail cleaning every now and then in addition to the robotic vacuum cleaner cleaning the high foot traffic locations.

This style of floor vacuum on DealDash could not work out stairs, so those are still yours to clean. Also, if you have actually fringed carpets, it’s a great idea to remove them ideally, or the robot vacuum cleaner may become stuck on the edge and also need to be rescued.

This sort of vacuum will work with carpetings, wood or ceramic tile flooring as well as are designed to tidy up not just filth, debris, and lint, yet pet hair and also little spills as well. While you’re at DealDash you can also check on the stand up vacuums too.

At least one of the models on DealDash is programmed to “understand” when it needs to be re-energized and will go back to its base by itself to charge. These vacuums range in price from very cost effective to rather costly, so there is a design for everybody.floor robot

The robotic vacuum cleaners from DealDash can be a real time saver, supplied you have the moment for it to do its job. If you recognize you have shock guests arriving in 15 mins, this kind of vacuum isn’t really one of the most time efficient. Nonetheless, if you are going to be at job all the time, it is the best option for preserving high foot traffic locations. Just turn it on before you leave and come home to tidy flooring. You can also get sweepers and mops on DealDash too.

You’ll still need to empty the flooring robot vacuum so it awaits its following job. The benefits to this kind of vacuum is that it is tiny, operates its own, and does a pretty good task of cleaning, without much initiative on your component. Now that you have some ideas on why a floor robot is so beneficial to your home, head over to DealDash and start placing bids.

Choosing a Camera on DealDash

That special a person has actually been hinting that they would such as a new digital camera. Maybe, you have actually just picked your very own on DealDash that they would enjoy. Yet, how to you choose the appropriate camera? Just how much do you need to invest to get a good one? What brand name should you choose from DealDash? Do you go with Sony or Canon? DSLR or smaller? Exactly what about megapixels? All important questions, however unless you truly understand digital photography as well as electronic video cameras, it is simple to get the wrong ideas.


Initially, I’ll think that individual you are giving the camera from DealDash to as a gift has not told you which electronic camera they want, I they have, it is simple to locate a location online that has a great price and also order it. Merely make certain that the warranty for the camera covers whatever nation you obey staying clear of grey-market video cameras.

The next step is to decide just what your spending plan is and what type of digital photography the person prefers to do. At the reduced end, you must be able to locate a very good point-and-shoot digital camera on DealDash for an amazing price. In the $300-$400 variety, at auction, you can get for dollars on the hundreds. You can get a much greater resolution cam with the current image chip innovation. If the person is a person that intends to become a photographer one day, or an advanced hobbyist, you will certainly want to explore an electronic solitary lens reflex (DSLR) like the Canon Digital Rebel collection. These expense about $800 with a lens somewhere other than DealDash. Nikon has a competing design additionally. The DSLR’s usually have far better efficiency then point-and-shoot designs and also the capacity to transform lenses. They also have the highest image quality.

What brand of  camera should you purchase from the DealDash? I always suggest Canon, Nikon, Kodak or Sony. These 4 manufacturers have actually dominated the movie market because of their credibility for exceptional items. They have one of the most experience in digital photography and are the option of most specialists. Although numerous consumer electronics companies do have some good cameras, simply due to the fact that they make a good TV does not mean they make a good electronic camera. Salespersons want to push them since the markup is typically higher on non-photographic brand names. My personal favorite is Canon, but I would certainly never ever be let down if somebody got me a Nikon. On DealDash you could bid on all of them and really get a good deal.

What about Megapixels? More is not always better. Initially, for informal picture takers I advise an electronic camera that has around 15-16 megapixels. To give you an idea, a six megapixel electronic camera would produce pictures that match a 35mm electronic camera which has been the requirement for several years. This will certainly maintain the cam helpful for a very long time. For all but expert use (and even for many experts) and 8 megapixel or higher electronic camera is more than enough. A lot of them you find on DealDash are upwards of 16-17.


A greater pixel count is an easy way for cam makers to demonstrate one camera might be better than one more, although it is something that the majority of people pay additional for and do not really make use of. One of the most important improvements in electronic cameras on DealDash right now are in the locations of shadow as well as emphasize detail, low sound, boosted ISO settings and also premium quality. However, much better shadow detail does not make as good an advertisement as 20 megapixels.


There are my suggestions for purchasing a digital cam as a gift. On the reduced end, seek a 10 megapixel point-and-shoot digital electronic camera or higher. On the high, end try to find 16-17 megapixel point-and-shoot or a DSLR. You can conserve a fair bit getting a digital electronic camera online at DealDash. If you think you require guidance, do not visit a customer electronics store as well as ask a sales person. Search on DealDash and find out what other bidders are saying about the cameras they won at auction. Get your suggestions there then reward yourself by bidding on the same camera or similar ones. And now, all you have to do is go to the DealDash website and start searching for your ideal camera today. And remember to search for a bag there and more bids so you can get all the accessories you need as they come out.

The Importance of DealDash Bios

Each person at DealDash is given a certain amount of space to make a comment to other players, your comment tells a great deal about you and it’s flashed on the screen every single time you bid!!

So, let’s talk about those comments, some are as simple as, “.”  <— see the dot? Then you have your “….” three dots! These may not be very clever, but they are smart.  They tell nothing about the player.  I use a quote that I feel may makes someone think twice before bidding against me in the vain of I will us a lot of bids. The most boring comment is the default, it says something like “This bidder has not filled out their comment for 3 free bids”…This tells me a few things, 1.  lazy, therefore won’t be patient  2. They can’t think of anything at all, therefore, not very clever. 3. It’s their strategy, however boring it’s a strategy.

Then there are the players who say things that definitely tell what’s on their mind. For example, “If you stomp me, I’ll stomp back”  This is one hot mess!  There is bound to be a Newbie and an Oldie fighting out and raising the price of the item.  This is just senseless bidding and should be avoided.

There is the guy who says, “I give everything to charity”…..suuuuure you do, sometime I believe them and sometimes I don’t! Some people will say, “Don’t jump it’s just not fair!” and then after you’ve placed 100’s bids they show up spouting this “little white lie”….that’s it! it’s a lie, and their strategy, but you will remember them next time.  What I’ve found to be the truth is there is no truth!  Everyone is making a comment that won’t get denied by the powers that be at DealDash, yet they still want to intimidate other players.

There are players who say, “I will never stop” and they never do.  Next time just let them win, it won’t cost you as much and he’s broke now or has very deep pockets.  If you have deep pocket too, good luck to both of you, I see a 4 day battle with one person possibly broke, regardless if he’s high income or not.

I’ve seen a comment like “I’m here until the end, take a nap, see you later”  and then 50 bids later they are gone….over and over!

My biggest advice I can give you about comments is mostly they are just a bunch of bunk!  No one is telling the truth.  Very few people actually BIN an item over 1000 dollars, so if your in an auction with some one who says, “it it to win it” I say, “aren’t we all!” yes we are, no one play DealDash to lose.  The people who tell you what they do for a living, I’m a doctor, a lawyer, a finance banker….really? “I’m the president and I have all this spare time.”

The beauty of losing at DD is you can purchase any item you’ve bid on and get all those bids back, who does that? NO ONE except DealDash.

Be very careful when reading other players, they usually don’t tell the truth, they inflate what they are willing to BIN, and then there is a handful of players who MUST WIN, and the number one characteristic of these players is they don’t last, they are around for a couple of months they stomp, they jump, they overbid, and then they are gone.  Don’t do this to yourself!  If you love DealDash, read my blog regularly, I’ll give you the real skinny! No fluff, just pure strategy.

Check out the DealDash Facebook Page, you can get updates on other players wins, the sales and any event going on at DealDash.  The most fun, fair an unique shopping experience!


Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

DealDash Secrets: May 2, 3, 4, 5 Sales!

Yay, Yay, Yay, Yay, Yay!! That’s what I say about this weeks sale at DealDash,  it’s my favorite sale so stay tuned and  get caught up on the latest details.

First, the greatest news is bids will be between only .12 cents and.15 cents, they start out on Monday at .15 and go down a penny each day until .12 cents on Thursday.

Thursday is the best day to stock up on bids because you will get a few extra bids for the same price when purchasing bid packs.  Bids that you win at DealDash are valued at .60 cents, but what you purchase is greatly discounted.

My favorite part of this weeks sale is the BID MULTIPLIER! Yes, my friends, that means more free bids every second we spend at DealDash bidding.  I am happy to tell you about the free bids multiplier because I have won so many items with these free bids that DealDash gives us for every second we are high bidder.  The longer you bid, the more you earn, it’s a win-win situation!  When you start out at DD, you earn bids quickly and the rewards are in the low hundreds in value, the longer you bid the slower the bids are earned, but they are rewarded in the upper hundreds, and I’m sure 1000’s.  I am currently at about 850 free bids when I am rewarded for level 64.

Visit-Site12 (1)

You will be able to purchase low priced bids and get the Bid Multiplier each day this week!  That’s the BOMB! Thank you DealDash!

Monday 2X bids multiplier .15 cent bids

Tuesday 2X bids multiplier .14 cent bids

Wednesday, 3X bids multiplier .13 cent bids

Thursday, 3X bids multiplier .12 cent bids

Always stay tuned to the DealDash Facebook Page, they give tips and tactics for winning, they inform us of the sales and keep us updated on the wins of our fellow player’s.  We are a lucky group of players at DealDash, they always take care of us and I for one, appreciate all the deals I get there every single day.  And best of all, each item is delivered for free!

Well. I’m sure I’ll see you in the auctions!!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

DealDash Tips for Saving Money on Gas

There are literally countless people searching for different gas conserving tips who shop on DealDash. While there are thousands of manners in which claim to improve gas economy, it is hard to inform which ones in fact function. If only there was a means to purchase straightforward first hand understanding of what works for other individuals, right? Well, there is a means as well as any person can do it. The first tip we have is to go to DealDash and start bidding on some gas cards for Shell.


You always wish to do research on gas conserving pointers before trying them out. You want to make certain they are cost effective, safe for your vehicle, as well as the little component regarding if it will really function! Now, you can spend days online, checking out page after page of the different suggestions as well as products, however how do you know if they really function? That’s the key point I am trying to make.

Below is ways to find straightforward, first hand info on any gas saving pointers you could be checking into … Whether you are searching for additives, techniques and also methods, or the brand-new “hydrogen/water” method that lot of individuals discover success with, discussion forums are your one stop purchase some wonderful expert expertise. It’s the one central place on the web where you could find lots of stuff on any kind of given subject, also gas conserving suggestions. Having the ability to conserve money on gas is on the top of a lot of people’s checklist, so you can be sure that there are hundreds of articles on discussion forums that are handling this subject. You can locate hundreds and also hundreds of posts and replies about gas saving tips that have benefited people. But to save yourself time, just go to the DealDash website and bid on a couple gas cards or more in order to save yourself the most.


All you have to do is go to the DealDash website, sign up and start bidding. If you really want to make the best chances at winning, bid on more bids and multiple gas cards. . Merely type in some keyword associating with gift cards in the DealDash search bar. That’s how you can discover the current auctions and any more that are coming up. It’s a simple solution to an expanding trouble. You may too do a little bit of research study to find out the gas conserving ideas that function. And now that you have these wonderful gas saving tips, head to DealDash and pick up a gas card today!