DealDash Secrets: This week’s sales!

Well there is nothing better than a sale at DealDash, if you can get a look at the fireworks for a discount, it’s the best!  There are great deals coming down the pike this week at DealDash.  If you’re a regular, you know what that means.  If you are just signing up, this is the best sale to do it with!

First, on Monday during the Splash into Summer Sale you will earn 3x the free bids with your bid meter.  For every bid you place at DealDash they give you free bids back.   How this works is when you have placed a bid the meter starts, as long as you are high bidder the meter continues until the next bid is placed.  This time adds up and as it does you earn FREE BIDS!  Each time you earn the next level of play you are rewarded with your free bids in increasing values!  I am going to achieve level 70 and when I do DealDash will award me 920 bids!  Wow wee!! Bids will be .15 cents on Monday.

Tuesday is so much more of the same, 3X Free Bid Multiplier and bids are only .14 cents!

On Wednesday DealDash bumps up the meter again to 4X!  That is four times the FREE bids for every bid you place.  You could fill up your meter in no time at all, that means you get to play longer and win more.

Thursday has the same 4X bid meter, and the bids are only .12 cents! This is a perfect time to stock up on bids, if you purchase bids at the low price you will get more bids for about the same price as an every day price.  So more bids and free bids equals more wins and better prizes!

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So, let’s recap-

Monday May 23, 2016 bids are .15 plus a 3X Bid Multiplier and Free Shipping (as always)

Tuesday May 24, bids are .14 and a 3X Bid Multiplier and Free Shipping

Wednesday May 25 bids are .13 cents plus a 4X Bid Multiplier and Free Shipping

Thursday May 26 bids are .12 cents plus a 4X Bid Multiplier and Free Shipping

See you in the auctions!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Get the Most Out of Your Home Theater with Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers from DealDash are the best of the best. It’s been a difficult road for many a home owner to find high-quality speakers and now DealDash has made it very easy.


In the past, the problems with home speakers have been in the realm of sound quality. And now there are exceptional speakers and speaker bars you can find that are of the highest quality. DealDash has several of them and you can look at them right now. Along with home speakers, DealDash also carries a wide arrange of equipment for the home and even entertainment centers.

DealDash only carries high-quality items and speakers are no different. Wireless speakers need to be light weight, easy to maneuver and still able to produce high-quality sound. The sound bars available on DealDash are some of the best available and you can go look at them now.

Along with being easy to move, wireless home speakers from DealDash also have a degree of sturdiness to them. Basically, you’re not going to find better wireless speakers anywhere than you will on the DealDash website. The beauty of shopping on DealDash is also your ability to get the products at a significantly lower price than just about anywhere else.

You can look at any of the electronics on the website and see for yourself that there are endless amounts of items that you can get at a fraction of the cost of what you would on just about any other site. Televisions, DVD players, receivers and yes, wireless speakers are all available on the DealDash website.

To really position yourself on getting the speakers and items you want on the DealDash website, it’s important that you take the time to research the DealDash website and start looking for the items you want to win. Auctions can be tricky in the beginning, but after you spend some time bidding you’ll get the hang of them.

It’s really a fun process and there is something very rewarding about winning items. Just think, you can get high quality wireless speakers at DealDash for a fraction of the cost and when you do, you’ll be glad you did. It’s like an early Christmas present and the money you save can be used to do other things like pay bills, take the family out to dinner or just about anything else you want.



Yep, DealDash is a great way to save money and get great items like the VIZIO 2.0 sound bar at a fraction of the cost of what you would in the store. To learn more about DealDash and start bidding right away, head to the DealDash website, check things out and start bidding today!

Reasons to Pick Up a Pistol Safe

When you have a pistol or any type of type of weapon, it is suggested to maintain it kept securely away in a pistol safe from DealDash. The very best choice that you have actually obtained is to acquire a pistol secure. You will certainly find numerous sorts of handgun safes available on the site which implies you will certainly have to know a little bit about each of them prior to selecting one for your handgun.


The Key Perks Of A Gun Safe

The major advantage of a DealDash handgun safe is the reality no one else might get to the weapon. This can be extremely vital if you have kids and also if a burglar takes care of to enter your residence. In a lot of states you’re needed by law to keep the ammo separately from the pistol anyhow. This indicates that even if a burglar reached your firearm, they would after that should find the ammo. DealDash has other items for survival and other similar type items you can find on the site.

The better your safe the more secure your pistol will be. For instance, you can obtain finger print hand weapon safes. These will only open must your finger prints pair up the ones saved in the risk-free. Because every individual has unique finger prints, this will avoid anybody else from getting to the gun. Undoubtedly you are most likely to fork out fairly a lot of cash for this form of gun safe but on DealDash you can find great deals like you woudn’t believe.

If you only should be fretted about your daughter or sons finding the pistol, you very well might have the ability to get away with making use of a keyed safe. This merely needs an essential point to open it. They’re one of the most inexpensive safes plus they are easy to find. Nevertheless, if you bid on DealDash on a  sophisticated system, after that it would certainly deserve keeping away from the keyed safe.

All gun safes on DealDash are produced to keep your guns strongly locked away. Something that you do have to take under consideration is just what would certainly take place in an unexpected emergency. Let’s claim you needed to reach the gun? Will you quickly open it? A fingerprint pistol safe would guarantee you get to your gun quickly, yet still be highly secure when it’s not needed. DealDash could have any variety of safes available and all you have to do is look from time to time.

On line handgun risk-free testimonials can assist you to choose the right safe to satisfy your requirements. It is possible to establish the negative aspects together with the advantages to each different safe. You’ll also have a bunch of information on the characteristics that you could expect as well as the means they work. There are so many other DealDash items you can find to for your home, so I suggest you head to DealDash see what you can find.


If you look at the review articles from DealDash, you’ll be able to uncover everything you should know about the various types conveniently offered on the website. You will conveniently be able to review various ones to determine which would certainly best fit you. Probably the pistol safe that you have been considering, consists of a couple of disadvantages that you didn’t know about? Now that you have some ideas of why you need a pistol safe, head to DealDash and start bidding. 

Using a Blood Pressure Monitor from DealDash

Much has actually been written about hypertension and also as more research is carried out on the condition, we discover that an adjustment in way of life is just one of the main contributing factors. As a result monitoring your blood pressure is necessary to correct any troubles located. And that is why DealDash had this article written and is carrying different types of blood pressure monitors for you to bid on.

If you recall to halfway through the last century, excessive weight was quite unusual. The majority of people grew their own vegetables and fruit and also strolled more. The human race was created for movement so ending up being lazy-bones is not just what you were developed for. Another benefit of the things you’ll find on DealDash is plenty of fitness equipment.


Lately I read an intriguing post on the Okinawans. The Okinawans are a race of individuals that survive a chain of islands near Japan. Many studies have actually been carried out on these individuals because they have the highest life span worldwide and also the reason for this is as follows.

They never quit moving and also they eat more than two times the suggested quantity of vegetables and fruit daily. Additionally it has been discovered that many of the older generation have features of much younger individuals. So presumably there is an essential lesson to be learned below.

Consequently flexibility as well as diet plan are two factors to consider when analyzing your lifestyle.

Although the wear and tear of your lifestyle has not occurred over night, it has actually been a steady decrease. Also any kind of improvements you make will certainly additionally require time. However beginning currently is the secret before anymore harm to your heart and other crucial organs is caused.

Subsequently, monitoring your high blood pressure on an once a week basis is the most effective method to start.

After that continue by making a few of the adhering to adjustments to your way of life: drop weight, stop cigarette smoking, minimize your alcohol intake, eat a healthy diet regimen and also take steady exercise.

blood pressure

Viewing the decrease in your high blood pressure will give you the resolution to enhance your wellness improvement. Your initiatives will certainly be compensated by the results made; taking you nearer to the healthy and balanced heart you are striving for.

Robert is entirely committed to personal fitness as in his early years his life was affected by the loss of two participants of his family members to cardiovascular disease. This has driven him to meet his goal of getting to and also keeping his physical fitness level and assisting others to do the very same. Now that you know the importance of monitoring your blood pressure, head to the DealDash website and see what you can find.

DealDash Tips to Dining Out While Dieting

When you are on a diet, you are quite conscious concerning the foods that you are consuming. It’s a goal of yours per day to take a seat with healthy meals that are lower in calories to help you slim down. One issue is when you are wanting to dine in a restaurant with your family and friends. Learn some ideas that could assist you and allow you to still eat in restaurants without breaking your diet. And go to DealDash to pick up some gift cards for your next dining experience. As an alternative, head over to the site to pick up some good kitchen equipment to cook healthy as well.


Now for the DealDash tops tips to dining out while dieting.

Firstly, aim to seek out the food selections of the locations that you are visiting see online. At DealDash there are several different gift cards you can pick up so you can pick and choose where you eat. Sometimes there are also calorie matters for the products on the food selection so you can figure out what the healthier options are versus the ones that aren’t quite as suitable for you.

If you do not discover calorie counts, aim to approximate on your own. If you see that there is a specific part of meat on the food selection at one of the restaurants you win a DealDash card from,  look it up online to get a concept concerning the amount of calories that would be. Estimate high so you don’t mess things up merely in case.

Order things like your dressings and also butter on the side. Its difficult to recognize specifically just how much is placed on once it’s currently on the food. Through this you can control the portions of these things better reducing calories.

Always remember that choosing the baked alternative is wanting to be far better compared to the deep-fried choice. This saves you quite a bit of calories on any kind of kind of food. And remember that along with a healthy diet, you’ll need to have plenty of exercise and you can find everything you need on the DealDash website.

Some areas currently have reduced calorie meals on the food selection. This makes it quite a bit easier to understand just what you are consuming and really feeling good regarding the dish that you order. Check DealDash on a regular basis to get the best chances at winning a card at auction.


Substitute harmful sides with much healthier choices. The majority of places allow you to make changes to your order so merely ask. Get a vegetable rather than french fries as an example to get a better choice. And now that you have this excellent guide to dining out healthy, head to the DealDash website and pick up some great items for yourself at auction.

The Benefits of Using a DealDash Rocking Chair

The best method to chill, relax, and also rejuvenate yourself is sitting in a special rocking chair from DealDash. This is just a regular task that most of us execute as well as are quite familiar with, yet it has unbelievable beneficial results for our body. The list of favorable effects to our body is long, as well as the benefits are some that we might never think about. DealDash has several items like massage chairs and fountains also that are great for relaxation.


The ailments that a lot of us struggle with can be significantly reduced by partaking in the backward and forward motion of a shaking chair. It could be hard to believe, but it holds true. The gentle shaking movement that the body undergoes as we follow the activity of the chair nourishes and renews our bodies’ cells and also raises circulation. Whether you are dealing with sleep deprived nights or hypertension, a routine resting at the chair at a constant rate for 20 mins a day will aid a great deal in alleviating these ailments.

A lot of our bodies’ aches and discomforts originate from tension and also stress and anxiety, a rocking chair from DealDash is the very best resource of relaxation for your stressed and also tense body. Studies have actually revealed that persistent diseases like joint inflammation can be lessened by shaking, as it helps reduce the pain and also swelling. The motion of the chair has an accordant movement to your bones that maintains joints functioning and limber. If you have a current horrible neck and back pain and even if you have been suffering for an extended time, a shaking chair could offer you wonderful assistance. It reduces the stress on the back by taking the stress off your spine. Along with a chair, you could also pick up a specialized mattress from DealDash as well.

The organic angle of a specialized DealDash rocking chair reduces the anxiety level on the back to a wonderful level. Paying attention to comforting songs while relocating the chair can also make you fail to remember the operation that you had recently. The post-operative style of rocking was found to be very beneficial if it can be done at a sluggish yet constant rate for at the very least 40 mins routinely.


The checklist happens with new searchings for yet one thing makes certain, we could spend hundreds of bucks in getting rid of a variety of diseases, or we could resort to this simple approach of rocking which in the end could save us a whole lot. Today, shaking chairs are not just for the elderly, but also for any individual that requires a bit of welcome leisure from a busy life and also who also desires health and wellness benefits too. And now that you have these ideas on why a rocking chair from DealDash is so beneficial to you, go to DealDash to bid on one and some other great items.

How to Take Care of Your DealDash Furniture

Individuals will always desire the very best furnishings in their homes. But occasionally, mishaps take place and also trigger irreversible harm. It is consequently that owners must always take the time to research on the very best ways to take care of their furnishings so they could have it looking new for a very long time. DealDash has some awesome pieces of furniture you can pick up at auction which are great items for your home, of course, once you get them, it’s important to take care of them.


If you’re dealing with some spots on your furniture, you might be shocked to understand that the majority of washing agents you could make use of can be located right in your kitchen area. Vinegar is just one of them. Not just does it a wonderful furnishings discolor eliminator. It also works wonderful on keeping appliances looking shiny as well as new. Wiping off the stained section of the furnishings with diluted vinegar can be a really economical way of getting rid of discolorations. Toothpaste is additionally one more house essential that can work to tidy up furniture. For ink stains, alcohol might be made use of. For dark spots on light items, a mix of lemon juice, paste and also tartar can be very effective. DealDash often times has cleaning supplies available as well.

If the stain does not come off with easy home remedies, industrial stain removers can be your best choice. Merely be sure to review the tags as well as recognize the chemicals utilized in making these items. Some of them may just include in your problem so it’s always better to call your manufacturer to request for advice. Occasionally, some furnishings you find on DealDash can be made of products that make the discolorations even harder to get rid of when used with supposed tarnish busters.

As mishaps actually do take place and also create stains in furniture you may purchase on DealDash, it is best to know the immediate steps to need to remove spots as they show up. Most of the time, these stains will be harder to get rid of the longer they remain on the product. Always keeping furniture in its top condition is something we need to work with. Sometimes, we can do everything by ourselves, yet if this is difficult, we can constantly rely on certain furnishings care products.


While it holds true that furniture is no product financial investment, it could make you enjoy greater rewards when you take care of it as an essential part of your residence. Remember, a residence can have a terrific influence on its inhabitants, specifically kids. And due to the fact that furnishings  you buy on DealDash will definitely be part of your home, knowing how to care for them aids to keep the items looking great and in excellent order. And now that you have ideas of how to take care of DealDash furniture, head to the website and pick some out for your home.

Read this Article to Learn How to Throw a Party

In preparing for a party with items from DealDash, your objective is making certain that the visitors will certainly be effectively and conveniently delighted. Everything should be well prepared and also completely prepared and make it specific that there is enough supply of foods in addition to drinks that will inhabit your guests throughout the occasion. At DealDash you can find all sorts of serving trays and other items you can use to make your party a memorable one.

The event is necessary in planning for a celebration due to the fact that you will certainly have the ability to figure out the kind of enjoyment that you will prepare for the unique event. You can pick the sort of enjoyment that would certainly be suitable to the welcomed guest as well as to the theme of the event as well. Including home entertainment, you can find stereos and TVs on DealDash. In planning for a party, it is really imperative to maintain the visitor and also the event to life. It ensures that there will be no monotonous time for the visitors and everyone will certainly enjoy.


Make sure that you include your budget plan in preparing for a celebration.  Of course if you go to DealDash, you can get great ideas on items for a great price. You could hold an event without investing a lot. Below are some suggestions that could assist you not to spend a lot in preparing for a party. You can recommend in your invite that you are wanting to provide to your guests some points that they may be delighted to bring along.

A lot of the guests will certainly just be pleased to provide as well as share points that can make your event much more delightful like wines. Employing catering services is somewhat pricey. Rather there are stores that are supplying special offers for a number of food items that you are going to need for the celebration such as discount rates for meats as well as veggies. And remember to go to DealDash and pick up some serving trays to serve all your great food. You could benefit from it as well as you will be able to save much more on the discount rates that are supplied for it. You can additionally select wines that are supplied at a less costly price in many wine stores which you can happily offer to your site visitors. You can likewise employ the aid of your next-door neighbors in planning for a party by letting them help you do the designs. And if you need, go to DealDash and pick up a wine cooler to keep your wine in good shape.


They will certainly be glad in order to help you out as well as you could be even be stunned where some of them will certainly allow you to obtain some products that you could utilize in embellishing the area for the party.

They can have a lot more creative ideas that will certainly make the area for the event lively and enjoyable. Counting or entailing some of your buddies in planning for an event will certainly also make them contribute some things that you could need in case such as food as well as selection of drinks. And now that you have an idea of how to throw a party head to the DealDash website and see what you can find.