DealDash Secrets: Earth Day Weekend Sale at DealDash

So for the first time in your life you went to DealDash for a great deal.  You found it!  If you’ve been around for a while you know this is the best place on the internet to get a fantastic deal!  No other site offers so much fun and combines it with great deals!

This coming weekend, April 22-24, 2016 is proving to be a substantial sale!  We are usually treated with kindness and fulfillment at Deal Dash but this sale is AMAZING!! Can you say FREE! FREE! FREE!? Yes you can!  Every item is free at DealDash this weekend. That means no matter what the closing price is on the auction, Deal Dash will pick up the tab, all you have to do is pay a one penny transaction fee so they know where to send your item! Yep, you win for free and Deal Dash picks up the tab.

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This is a wonderful opportunity to get that item that you’ve been dreaming of.  Let me be very clear about one thing, when items are free the bidding in fierce, you can bid until your blue in the face, haha.  But really, what this means is a lot of players will bid just for the sake of bidding. I actually love to bid up the price when it’s all items free. It’ really comes down to who has the most perseverance?  Well, often it’s me!

I know you’ve bid against me, you are the same, you don’t want to lose and when all times are free, it’s your chance to still win an amazing deal, you just need to know when to bid.

There are a lot of people who will bid up the price of an item when they know it’s free. So, the best defense against that is to know your fellow bidders, if you don’t, do not be afraid!  They don’t have endless bids either.   You will get a gut feeling when it’s time to back out, you’ll know it, you’ll fight it, but don’t.  You can always come back later when they have used up a bunch of bids.

Let’s recap:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week all wins are FREE! Shipping is FREE and you get free bids just for showing up and bidding!!  Bids will be between .12 and .13 cents each, this is a perfect time to stock up on bids and get the big one!

Keep in mind Mother’s Day is coming, so win one for Mom!  She deserves it and you are happy to find a gift at DealDash for only a few cents!

Woo Hoo! Super Free Sales during the Free Weekend Sale at Deal Dash

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Choosing a Charm Bracelet From DealDash

If you’re creating a bracelet from DealDash on your own, you have actually got to think of which charms you want to include in it. There are just so several alternatives that it could seem totally impossible making the ideal choice. There are lots of thcharm braceletings to keep in mind, however. Right here in this DealDash article, are some pointers on selecting the excellent beauties to construct your personal bracelet.

Initially, consider just what kind of base you want. There are numerous options, including woven bracelets, leather bracelets, and silver or gold bracelets. DealDash has several different types on the website to choose from. This will most likely be determined partly by your budget, but your design must additionally be taken into consideration. Various bracelets work differently and also will certainly look various once they have appeals on them. Invest time taking a look around to identify which kind you most choose.

Next off, think about the sort of design you wish to create with your bracelet. A bracelet of all one color of grains looks subtle as well as intriguing. You need to look carefully to pick the layouts on individual beauties. You can additionally develop an absolutely eclectic appearance by utilizing silver, gold, tinted, as well as wooden beads on the very same bracelet. You could utilize any kind of level of mixing as well as matching to craft the ideal bracelet for your style. DealDash bracelets are the perfect way to start your collection and you can go check them out now. You might even want to have more than one. Possibly you develop one refined bracelet for using with elegant clothing as well as something funkier to wear when you’re dressed down.

You likewise need to consider specific beauties, obviously, as well as see which ones most reveal your character. The enjoyable part regarding a charm bracelet is that it can be an actual expression of that you are and what you love. If you select specific charms based upon what you like, after that individuals will certainly discover a bit regarding you merely by checking out your DealDash charm bracelet. As soon as you have actually set a standard concept or instructions for your appeal bracelets, selecting individual charms is simple. You simply have to ensure they fit into the general appearance you want for your bracelets.

charm braceletCrafting a charm bracelet can be enjoyable and intriguing. Assembling charms one at a time is fun and intriguing. You could either accumulate an entire bracelet at once or develop your bracelet a little each time. In any case, your bracelet will certainly look gorgeous as you put it together, and also it will soon become a device that you put on each day.

And now that you have a good idea of how these wonderful and beautiful bracelets work, I suggest you go to DealDash and see what they have to offer. If you act now, you’ll be able to win an auction on a very expensive bracelet and get it for a tremendous discount.

DealDash Tips to Eating Out

We all have to have some fun in our lives and when the time comes DealDash is here to help. Heading out on the town or to a nice dining establishment is something we need to all try as well as do. The good news is, there is no have to damage the budget when going out. The below provides 9 ideas to help you eat out on the cheap. And if you go to DealDash right now you can win some great gift cards at auction for an incredible price.


Idea 1: Limitation eating out to when a week: It is constantly tempting to dine in a restaurant more often, yet unless you are a millionaire, it will consume in to – pardon the pun – your budget!

Suggestion 2: Select meticulously from the menu: If you are big on steaks, bear in mind that there is a huge difference in cost between sirloins as well as rib eyes. If you are on a spending plan opt for the more affordable steaks as well as conserve on your own some money. You can always cook at home when you pick up some Omaha Steak Company Steaks on DealDash.

Idea 3: Buy wine by the container: If you are intending to have a couple of glasses of wine with your supper friend(s), it is frequently much cheaper to buy by the container rather than by the glass. Additionally, bring your own as well as pay the corkage cost (average cost is around$4). We fairly like bringing our very own wine; you get to choose a container that you like.

Pointer 4: Do not forget concerning the pub: Bar’s deal excellent worth counter dishes as well as beverages at great costs. Lots of have a wonderful atmosphere, specifically when “the big game” is on. So do not eliminate pubs as a wonderful area to eat. If you decide to stay in, make sure you have a fully stocked wine and beer cooler from DealDash.

Tip 5: Pick a favorite dining establishment to client regularly: The main benefit is that as the proprietor is familiar with you, they are more likely to offer you a discount (usually in between 5 and 10 percent). You likewise get better service even throughout active times. KFC and McDonalds do not fall under this category!

Tip 6: Attempt different restaurants: Reverse to the tip over we understand! Yet when brand-new dining establishments first become available they frequently have price cuts to attract new customers. Capitalize on this. You will certainly get a less expensive dish (frequently 10 – 20 percent more affordable), as well as will reach try a brand-new area that you might become one of your favourites. Make sure you go to DealDash to see if they have any gift cards for your favorite restaurant on auction.

Pointer 7: Avoid treat when you are dining in a restaurant: The dessert menu at lots of dining establishments ends valued. Appreciate a fantastic common meal as well as a main dish, and also grab an ice-cream cone from McDonalds or a bathtub of ice cream on the way house. Do this, as well as you will certainly save $10 to $20 each time you go to a restaurant.

Pointer 8: Set an eating in restaurants amount: When visiting a restaurant and also considering the menu, it is simple to obtain carried away as well as spend a big amount of cash. Next time you go out for dinner, prior to you stroll right into the restaurant, established a rate that you as well as your partner or household are happy to invest. As soon as in the restaurant select your recipes around this rate. 5 bucks for the great deal of you tightens the selection, as well as possibly implies you need to obtain some greasies rather. Or try the redemption military.

Pointer 9: Eat out for lunch as opposed to supper: Lunch is usually more affordable compared to supper when you eat out. If you can have lunch as opposed to going out for supper after that you will save on your own some cash.


Now that you understand how to eat out the right way, head on in to DealDash and pick up some great gift cards so you can save even more money on your next dining experience.

While you’re there check out the awesome kitchen appliances they have at auction.

The Best of the Best at DealDash

Everyday there are people on DealDash who you want to “stay away from” but who knows who they are?  You will get to know them over time, but in the meantime you could make an uneducated guess.  Here are a few things to look for.

You’ve been in this auction for a couple hundred bids, and suddenly you realize you might not beat them, this is the first of your gut feelings that you should walk away, at least until later.  Often on big ticket items there are people who have planned on winning this for some time, they’ve done their homework, bookmarked the item and showed up on time.  This is the sure sign of a motivated player.  This could be you so pay attention, that is second.

Third, come prepared, if you are going to win an item worth more than $500, show up with some bids, the chances of winning a high ticket item with just 50 bids, although it does happen, are slim.  Just decide to buy the bids, it’s that simple, I used to buy 200 at a time, I’ve found it’s much better to have 2000 bids in the hole and you’ll win more, because you aren’t tentative about bidding.  You go for it and win. This will backfire if you “spread yourself too thin”.  Just don’t do that, by spreading yourself too thin you will go through your bids and unless you are a very experienced bidder, you could lose. If you only have 200 bids, just stay true to one auction, come and go if you have to, but pay attention and learn from experience.

There are those players who just won’t lose, these are the ones you want to stay ways from.  Get to know them as soon as possible, how you say, bid and stay active in your auction.  If you bid in too many auctions at once you will not only learn nothing, you will go through your bids far too fast.  The next best advice I can give you is this, it’s simple and I’ve found it to be very valuable….don’t bid on bids.  If you do, don’t waste more than 25 bids, if you don’t win it right away, back away!  Some players are extremely hard core about winning bids, I used to be addicted to winning bids and found I always had bids, but not prizes, now I have prizes, a lot of them!

Here lies some of the best advice I can give you as a new bidder at DealDash, there are so many ways to win and earn free bids that you’ll want to pay attention, go to the DealDash Facebook page, there are so many updates, and you can get a great idea what other people are winning, who they are, and what they are paying for an item.

Don’t get discouraged, DealDash is actually a really, really easy format to win prizes, I have won well over 400, and you can too!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

DealDash Secrets: Double Dash Week!

Everyone loves a good sale and DealDash loves giving great prices and an exceptional winning experience.  Shopping on line has become the way to shop for everyday items, but that can get a little boring.  DealDash is way more fun that just plain shopping.  When the auction is over, you could have saved 80% or more on your item.

Here is one way to get a great deal at DealDash.  On Monday April 18, 2016 during the “Cyber Monday in April Sale”  all wins are FREE!  Yes Sir!  That is correct, Free Wins and .12  cent bids!  This is a perfect time to go for the big one!  You get a bunch of extra bids for the same price and then DealDash picks up the tab on your win.  That means no matter how high the closing price is, you pay only a one penny processing fee, which mean free!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the 19, 20, 21 of April, the sale gets better, my personal favorite, the Free Bid Multiplier!  There will be a “Double Dash 2X Multiplier” of free bids gained on your bid meter.   The bid meter calculates all of your time as highest bidder, which on an average is a about 9 seconds per bid, and then it rewards players with free bids as you reach the next level.  It takes a little time to earn the bids, but thats’s the fun part of DealDash, you win by playing and you gain free bids by bidding.

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During the Double Dash Week bids will be between .12 and .15 cents, that’s a great deal all week!  Three days in a row of bid multipliers equals many, many free bids!

Let’s recap

  • Monday .12 cent bids, Cyber Monday Free Wins!
  • Tuesday .15 cent bids, 2X Multiplier
  • Wednesday .14 cent bids, 2X Multiplier
  • Thursday .13 cent bids, 2X Multiplier

Don’t miss out on this fantastic sale this week at DealDash, you could have 9 really cool prizes by the end of the week!  Who knows maybe even that amazing big win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

It Takes a Pro to Know at DealDash

Did you ever wonder why the same ‘ol people keep winning big at DealDash?  Well, one of those folks could be you if you just adhere to a few simple tasks.

First and foremost, stay involved with one auction, this is the most basic and simple way to win auctions consistently.  It may not be the most exciting way to win, but it is consistent.  Let’s say you purchased 1000 bids, and you want to win a razor worth about $150.  The formula to BIN would be 150./.15=1000 bids.  So now you have purchased the 1000 bids and set out to win your razor with 100 of them, ugh, mistake no. one.  You know you need 1000 but in the meantime, you run out and bid in 5 other auctions all while the razor is ticking away the 100.  Suddenly, you realize you need to put more bids on the razor, but you are short on bids now.

If you had put all 1000 bids on the razor, and won great, if you didn’t, great too, because now you can purchase the razor for $150 and get the 1000 bids back, so you wind up with the razor and your bids back! That is a win-win! Especially if you are bidding on a tight budget, don’t go out and bid on random items when you have a specific item in mind.

Second, I have found confidence in many bids, if you can swing it, buy 1000’s at a time, you are more confident in the auctions and (I) you tend to be more conservative and yet fearless with more bids.  This is not to say your couldn’t win with 200 bids, you most certainly can, I’m saying you will have more confidence, therefore not pull out, second guess you decisions and lose the auction.

Third, always know when to fold them.  Don’t overbid, it’s just foolish!  If you want something that takes 1000 bids and you don’t win after 1000 bids, but you go on and on and suddenly you did win with 1500 bids.  Now you’ve paid 50% more for the item, and you don’t have your bids back.  If you purchased it at 1000 bids, you’d own it and have the bids back, another win-win!

There are a lot of subtle nuances when deciding to stay or go in an auction, just listen to that inner voice, try not to overbid, it’s not practical and always keep your eye on the prize, if you spread yourself too thin, you may lose.  We’re all here for one reason and that is to win a great deal and people do it all day every day at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

How to Vacuum With DealDash

You might assume that you understand how to vacuum your carpet, however many people forget important actions that could cause an even cleaner surface. Though filth might seem gone from a carpet, carpet, piece of furniture, dirt might have permeated deep into the product. Thus, it is necessary to take preventive actions and read this article from DealDash to make certain that you completely cleansing your residence. The following are some actions to think about taking when cleaning.


The primary step is to constantly examine one’s vacuum and if need be, go to DealDash and get a new one. It’s not only to make certain that its bag or cylinder is vacant but likewise to look for any kind of wear and tear. For instance, if a vacuum’s belt is torn or damaged, it could ban the device from grabbing filth. Furthermore, one must additionally seek loose bolts, worn away cables, and unequal wheels.

Next off, one should take a look around the area to be vacuumed for large pieces of garbage, playthings, and metal items. Vacuum cleaners are indicated to grab filth, dirt, and little pieces of debris. They are not implied to pick up large things. Actually, this can cause the vacuum cleaner breaking.

Next, furnishings ought to be relocated to the facility of the living area. This will aid an individual attack tough to get to or concealed spaces and make sweeping simpler. Drapes, racks, and also high spaces should be washed initially. This is because some particles may fall during vacuuming and also can be cleaned after the truth. You don’t intend to vacuum high spaces last since it will certainly ruin the floor. You should constantly sweep the edges of an area. Sweeping helps loosen the dirt in a surface area. In addition, brushing up will help the user remove webs from wall edges and also from tight areas that are tough to reach.

When you relocate high to reduced, remember to vacuum furniture also. Lots of people pass up cleaning up these products, but they as well will have dirt as well as debris entrapped in them. You don’t want to clean up a space only to press furniture back in its area as well as have filth fall into the tidy surface area. If you have add-ons or cleaning devices with your vacuum cleaner from DealDash, utilize them. These devices are made to aid clean difficult to reach areas as well as points like staircases and also nooks and crannies.

When you vacuum, maintain your motions sluggish and steady. Do not weigh down too much or you may risk pressing dirt right into the floor or surface area you are vacuuming. Slow as well as stable movements enable the vacuum cleaner time to suction up dust. Normally, you should examine every area 3 times. This will certainly guarantee you grab not just visible dirt however likewise irritants and dust that is as well little to be seen by the nude eye. Try reviewing carpets in all feasible directions. This will certainly help to extensively cleanse a carpet’s fibers. Also, you can find carpets and coverings at DealDash right now along with the vacuums your looking for.


The secret to keeping any house clean is to be constant and to be detailed. If you make use of the aforementioned suggestions, your home will be sure to be as tidy as possible. No longer will you have to stress over irritants attacking your residence or about concealed dust in your carpeting or furnishings. And now that you’ve read this, head over to DealDash and bid on a brand new vacuum at auction for an incredible price.

This Weekend’s Sale at DealDash

We are all sitting on the edge of our seat waiting to see what kind of sale DealDash is going to have this weekend.  I for one would love to see a Super Weekend 3X Bid Multiplier Sale, oh wait, that’s what’s going on!

We all love to get free bids from Deal Dash for our time as high bidder, it’s Deal Dashes way of rewarding us for being “good sports” if you decide to stomp on others’ bids then you will be wiping out their free bids, it’s a system of respecting your fellow player.

You can decide to stomp or you can collect your free bids too.  If you stomp, you will be stomped and some players don’t care if they waste time on the clock, just to teach a Newbie a lesson.  Deal Dash is  a community, we are some kind of “friends” if we all play fair, we all win.  Just bid and let bid, but please don’t stomp!

Visit-Site12 (1)

This weekend will be a perfect time to stock up on free bids and buy low priced bids.  On Friday 4/15 bids are only .12 cents and then they are only .13 cents all weekend, but you get the 3X Multiplier too.

When there is a multiplier you can figure that into your final price, let’s say you are about to win 350 bids and if you stay in this auction, you will get to the next lever.  So if you stay in the auction and cash in on the bids, you can then place them on the prize and win!

Keeping in mind, just because you have the bids doesn’t mean you will win.  You have to pay attention to the auction.  Just don’t play with stompers, they will literally eat your free bids, and it just isn’t worth it.

When Deal Dash is offering free bids why would you want to do anything to stop that from happening?  You wouldn’t, so get out early.  You can keep an eye on that auction to get back in though, one thing I know about stompers is they have no staying power, they run out of bids quickly and leave the auction.

So let’s recap-

Friday .12 bids, 50% off all auction wins

Sat .13 bids and 3X Multiplier for your free bids

Sun., Same as Saturday!!

This is a perfect time to not only stock up on low priced bids at Deal Dash, but earn 3 times the free bids for your time as high bidder.  So don’t stomp, and don’t stick with a stomper.  If you do stomp back, keep it simple, a few bids, but no more.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!