Planning a Great Picnic with DealDash

Picnic planning is not as simple as the majority of people have the tendency to assume. However, this does not mean that you cannot plan for an easy one where everyone can appreciate themselves when they go outside. Even the most seasoned outing party-throwers take outing preparing seriously. Primarily, a convenience is important and at DealDash you can find a full range of items to make your picnic fun and convenience with your friends as well as family. Picnics can be official events with tables, chairs and flower holders of blossoms on the tables, or just remaining on the ground. Below are tips from DealDash on the best ways to intend an outing.


  1. Establish a budget (At DealDash you can save incredible amounts of money on picnic items)

Your first step is to establish a budget. You need to be really clear on just how much you intend to spend on your picnic, the variety of people you intend to go to as well as the style and also games you desire played. Remember about saving money on DealDash.

  1. Select the place

When choosing a venue, go by the choice and also preference of people you prepare to invite; it can be member of the family, close friends or associates. Take into consideration the climate. Additionally, consider exactly how much the venue is from your home and also the sort of activities you are enabled to arrange there.

  1. Pick a theme

Today, preparing a picnic around a certain theme is a vogue. Some preferred styles include: forest safari, country reasonable and coastline. At DealDash you can find picnic luggage, folding tables and portable grills on DealDash for an exceptional price.

  1. Games and Activities

Games and other fun activities are essential in any sort of outing. As a result, make certain your visitors are well delighted. You could try sporting activities or you could separate yourselves in groups and also compete in video games like football, soccer as well as beach ball. Go to DealDash and check out what they have, you can find all sorts of games for your picnic. Additionally, go ahead as well as lease some inflatable celebration tools such as inflatable castles and also bouncing castles. This will most definitely include fun as well as enjoyment, specifically for the youngsters. There is certainly something to please any kind of group.

  1. Plan the food selection

Some barbecue places have their very own caterers that will provide some pre-arranged menus for you to choose from. If you don’t desire more work preparing for food, make use of these solutions. Nevertheless, if you have the ability, select your very own food and have fun when making it. If you need utensils and cooking equipment, head on over to DealDash and see what you can find. Opt for foods that are convenient to manage and also lug like sandwiches, burgers, fruit salad, tossed salad and also hot dogs. For drinks you could lug soft drinks, fruit juices and also maybe a few mock-tails for the youngsters.


  1. Utensils

It’s constantly recommended to acquire an outing package rather than using your normal silverware and utensils. Load some added paper napkins, trash can and blankets. Once again, you can find awesome picnic carrying cases for all your stuff.

  1. Music

Ultimately, organize for background music. If it’s an official outing, the music can be soft or symphonic music. If it’s purely informal, a boom box playing a mix of modern music is very easy to organize. An even easier way to bring music would be to go to DealDash and pick up a portable speaker for your next picnic. And lastly, head to the site and check all this stuff out spoken of in this article.

The Stars Are Brighter With a Telescope from DealDash

Nearly all people have actually enjoyed celestial spaces as well as the bright stars at night, especially when we were youngsters. We longed to go to the celebrities and also worlds. The constellations, such as the Big Dipper, Ursa Major, and Orion fascinated us. DealDash wants to remind you of those times when you were a child and encourage you to pick up a telescope from the website.


Also, as we grew up our attraction with this area never disappeared. We know certainly that we will probably never ever check out the stars up close and worlds, but we can do the next best point: acquire a telescope.

A telescope from DealDash puts the stars as well as worlds practically accessible. You can watch Mars as well as Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. If you have kids, this is a sure way to have some household fun time as well as learn something while doing so. Your youngsters could become so interested that they long to read more. This may inspire them to check out and research more challenging in mathematics and also scientific research.

Owning a telescope is a fun and academic point to do. However, when going out to buy a telescope right here are a couple of points to seek:


When buying a telescope on DealDash, you want one that will certainly be around for a friendly long while. And if you have kids this is a lot more important factor. Kids have the tendency to sometimes be rugged on their items. Besides you desire the telescope to last up until your youngster is grown and also past. The telescopes you buy on DealDash are all sturdy and very high-quality.


If you intend to take your telescope out and about to the best areas to see the nighttime stars you will certainly need a telescope that is light-weight, and also easy to put together instantly. Imagine going on trip and being able to view the stars from a hill top or the coastline. And even a big area near where you live. If you mean to use it anywhere however your personal backyard, portability is a must.

Relieve of Assembly

This is a crucial feature especially if you mean to relocate your telescope around. No person wishes to invest an hour placing a telescope each time. The telescopes you can win on DealDash are perfect because you can set them up and they’re good to go. I suggest going and checking one out now.



When bidding on a telescope consider what sort of information you want to see and just how away you wish to see. The range of the scope is an essential factor. There are different telescopes on DealDash so you have options when bidding.

So, if you wish to win an item that will bring some quality time with your family that is of top quality, acquire a telescope from DealDash through bidding. The stars are still beaming brightly and also waiting to be found throughout again. All you need to do now is go to DealDash and place a bid.

This Week at DealDash SALE!!

Happy Spring Everyone!  It’s here!  No matter how cold a winter is, even after a gentle one like this past Winter, we here is New England love the Spring.  Not a day of sunshine is wasted by us.  Well, at DealDash they know we have Spring Fever, so they are having a wonderful sale this week to attract us to their site.

This is by far my favorite kind of sale at DealDash, it’s when they give out free bids!!  This week at DealDash you will get free bids with a multiplier.  When you bid at DealDash, they  give you free bids just for bidding.  The free bid meter is located on the bottom of the screen on the right side of the main page.  This meter ticks up free bids for every second you are high bidder.  The more you bid, the more free bids you will receive.

Every player, every day gets these bids, not just a choose few….everyone.  This week on Monday 3/28/16 bids are only .15 cents and you will get 2X the bid multiplier for being high bidder.  Tuesday brings 2x and .14 cent bids.  This is when it gets real good, on March 30 and 31 the bid meter will uptick 3x faster, and bids will be .13 and .12 cents, respectively.

Visit-Site12 (1)

On the 31st you can also enjoy 50 auctions beginning at 2PM, this is a fun frenzy for bidding for a lucky group of players who will get some prizes for only a few cents.  DealDash alway has plenty of auctions running all day, every day, but during this time they flood the site and it’s a lot of fun to be the winner of a TV or a bike for .45 cents!  It does happen!

Let’s summarize this sale.  During the week of March 28-31, bids will be between .12 and .15 cents, there is a 2x multiplier on Monday and Tuesday and 3x on Wednesday and Thursday, plus 50 auctions will start at 2PM on Thursday.

If you want to find out about the DealDash sales, you can do a few thing, 1. Check the DealDash Facebook Page, they announce sales there.  2. Read my blog, I try to research and post as soon as I know the information.  3. Go to and open an account, you will get notifications about blogs posted which outline sales.

DealDash is a fun and fair way to have fun while shopping for everyday items.  You can win for a fraction of retail and it’s so much fun!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Clean Up Anything with Shop Vacuum from DealDash

A shop vacuum cleaner from DealDash could simply be the most versatile vacuum on the market today. You need to enjoy a vacuum cleaner whose dimension is determined in gallons. The shop vacuum cleaner is being used in residences and also companies around the world by every society. They are also discovered in the Marine Corps barracks to keep every little thing absolutely spotless. Known as the Shop Vac then preferred trademark name it can cleaning nearly any kind of mess damp or dry. Some versions on DealDash will certainly also drain a swamped basement with ease. They are fast and also quite powerful.


An excellent store vacuum can be gotten used to take care of great dust, rocks, slime or water with an easy filter weather change. The only caution that you must be aware of is that you should never use a big shop vacuum to cleaning combustible liquids. A workshop or shop vacuum cleaner is a tool that you will certainly use daily. So the faster you go to DealDash and bid on one the better. The powerful motor creates lots of suction power drawing the dirt right into television where it is transferred in all-time low of the container. If you are doing a particular dusty job you could put water in the bottom of the shop vacuum cleaner and it will certainly function as a wet completely dry vacuum cleaner. The shop vacuum cleaner is a quite functional piece of cleaning equipment and you can always pick one up on DealDash.

Shop vacuums can be used in virtually any type of environment; house improvement job or large shop can imagine. They come in all dimensions from one gallon as much as greater than 20 gallons. Extension tubes as well as wands will enable you to get to practically anywhere. You can conveniently reach greater than 12 feet directly simply by adding added short 3-foot stick extensions. No dirt is secure from a shop vacuum from DealDash.


There is additionally a terrific assortment of devices that will fit a shop vacuum cleaner that will help deal with any kind of work huge or small. They are actually wonderful for cleaning the inside of an auto or truck and with their powerful suction able to suck anything from tiny cracks and holes with little problem. Shop vacuums from DealDash are usually economical to buy and also are quite sturdy. They are a terrific investment that will pay dividends for several years ahead. And now, all you need to do is go to DealDash and bid on one today!

Stay True on DealDash!

Here’s the thing, I always want to go off on my own at DealDash on some random bidding frenzy, but the more auctions I win (and there has been more than 450) the more I see that’s a wasteful use of bids.

I go above and beyond the usual player to win my 350 free bids each week by posting to DealDash’s Facebook page, but if I don’t win something with those 350 bids,  I am disappointed in myself.  What I’ve noticed, if I hold true to one auction with my free 350 bids, I will win something, most likely a small prize.  Small prizes are defined in my blog by anything under $200, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to win, it’s just under $200.  Years ago, DD allowed us to win a number of prizes under $200 and a number over $200, but now we can win 9 prizes of any value each week.  It’s a love/hate relationship with the other players that they took away the restrictions.  I am of the school of, YAY, let me win them all over $200.

But, if I try to parlay the 350 bids to more than one prize, I lose.  So here is what I did this week to promote this article.  I  had 1000 bids, I was bidding to parlay my bids to more, than I was going to go for that one prize I’ve been dreaming of. What actually happened is I spread myself too thin, I entered too many auctions and it was down to me and one other players in three auctions, and I lost them all!!!  This was a rookie mistake and I should have evaluated the players and chose only one auction to be in, I would have won it. Yet, instead, I watched all my bids tick away in my greedy attempt.

Visit-Site12 (1)

The next time I bid, it will be a more closely thought out decision.  I write about it all the time on my blog, but once in awhile I break my own rules…, and I lose.

It’s not rocket science folks, we have to decide to walk away from an auction at times. I find the players who just can’t do this spend thousand on bids and still pay a small fortune for the item, usually much more that retail.  Those players obviously have a problem, but they are out there every day, and there are new people joining every day who make the same mistakes.

Just stay away from these players!  IT’S OK TO WALK AWAY FROM AN AUCTION!!!! It took me over a year to do this, and once I realized I could purchase any item I’ve bid on and get all my bids back, I stopped overbidding.  I hope you don’t spend another day overbidding if that is your “stick”.  I get it, once in awhile I revert back to the old days and can’t help it.  I must be bid Crazy”.

By definition, Bid Crazy means any bidding activity that uses no sense what so ever spending way too many bids on nothing!

I hope this little bit  of personal experience helps you not to overbid or spread yourself too thin when bidding at Deal Dash.  “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”.  It’s the same way with bidders….you never know who you’re going to get!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Parlay Your Wins To More Bids At DealDash

DealDash gives us so many opportunities to earn a lot of free bids.  There are a few or more main ways to get free bids and I am going to list them here today.

  1. The very, very easiest way to get free bids at DealDash is to just keep bidding.  You earn free bids for every second you are high bidder at DealDash.  This is a benefit you get no matter how many bids you place.  Every second you bid, you get free bids!  That is incredible.  I am at level 56, I’ll get 780 free bids when I reach level 57,  do you know how many things you can win with 780 bids?  A LOT!!
  2. Another easy way to earn free bids at DealDash is to go to the DealDash Facebook page, you can’t beat free bids for posting a photo of you or a family member with a win from DealDash.
  3. Purchase any item you bid on and you will get every bid you used in an auction to win it for free.  DealDash will be happy to return to you bids if you purchase an item.  Simply bid in any auction, if at any time you decide to back out or you have reached an amount of bids which could purchase the item, you can back out of the auction, hit the Buy It Now button and the item is yours for the fair retail price which includes free shipping, AND you get every bid in that auction back.  Not only can you do that “today”, you can BIN any item for up to a week after you tried.
  4. Win an item and “Exchange for Bids”. any item you win you can change your mind and return the item for a certain amount of bids, anywhere between half the retail value to about full retail.  This amount is determined by the team at DealDash and is designed to make bidding fair for all player.  For example, if you win a $215 dollar item, you may most likely exchange it for about 215 bids.  But if you win a $5200, you may get about 3000 free bids.  This exchange forfeits your win and gives you bids back in return.   This option is available to you for 2 weeks.

DealDash gives us many opportunities to earn free bids, we can earn them or simply change our minds on a win, either way the bids are deposited into our account immediately . If you submit a photo to DealDash that could take up to 48 hours, but very often much less.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Kitchen Cleaning Tips from DealDash

The kitchen area is the place that you wish to be one hundred percent without virus’s and you also want it smelling clean and fresh at all times. With these kitchen area cleansing suggestions from DealDash, you can see to it that your kitchen area is secure for preparing the family dishes. A lot of cleaning suggestions do not have to be effort, if you utilize the best cleansing pointers, you can utilize much less effort and also clean your kitchen with very little effort.


The Waste disposal unit and Clogged Sinks

If you discover that your drains are draining a little sluggish, there is a good chance that you’ve accumulated some food bits’ other nasty items down in the drain. To clean up a blocked sewer and drain, you need to put a half of mug of baking soft drink down the drain. After that follow this with a mug of vinegar. After the vinegar, let the sink sit for a half hour and then poor some boiling water down the drain. If you have oil that is stuck in the drain, you should put a cup of salt, then a cup of carbonated water or soda down the tubes and then finish with a boiling hot pan of water down the drainpipe. While you’re at it, clean the rest of the kitchen. And you can pick up cleaning products on DealDash for cleaning.

To clean your waste disposal unit on a routine basis, put some sodium bicarbonate right into the waste disposal unit complied with by vinegar till the solution bubbles. After that let it represent ten minutes before running warm water down the garbage disposal. Then you can include 3 ice cubes and turn on the waste disposal unit to grind up the ice, which sharpens the blades. Do this once a week.

Tarnished Pots as well as Spot Extraction from Plastic

Kitchen cleansing pointers for damaged pots is simple if you have some Heinz catsup. Area a fine layer of catsup on the tarnished as well as unclean part of the frying pan. Enable this to sit for about thirty minutes. Then just wash and wash for a clean looking frying pan. As an alternative, you can go to DealDash right now and buy some new pots and pans for your kitchen and just throw out the old, beat up ones you’ve had for years.

Have you ever put tomato soup or tomato sauce in plastic containers and left it there? If you have, you understand that the tomato base will certainly tarnish your plastic. To eliminate stains from tomato-based products from plastic, run hot water right into the bowl and also include some tablets for cleaning up dentures. Let this stand for about four hours and afterwards empty out the option and also clean and if you need new storage containers, go to DealDash and see what you can find.


Kitchen Cleaning Tips for the Microwave

The within the microwave can end up being full of splashed foots and also dried out on oil. If you have to clean the within the microwave and you do not wish to scrub all day, you can place a damp dishtowel in the middle of the microwave and turn on high for about thirty secs. Then wipe with a wet clothe. Repeat this process up until the within is tidy and without any sort of accumulate that could trigger bacteria. In addition to the wet towel, if you really want to freshen up the microwave, place a lemon cut in half in a bowl of water and microwave that on high for a few minutes. Then wipe down the microwave with a wet towel, make sure you not to burn yourself. Also, I suggest you head into DealDash and pick up your microwave at discount on auction. Now that you have all these awesome tips, you can keep a good, clean kitchen. And you can find everything you need for your kitchen on DealDash to spruce up your home and kitchen. Just head on over to the DealDash website and see what kind of kitchen items you can find.

Get Your Kitchen Re-Done at DealDash!

If you are in the market for a small appliance make over, it’s time to go shopping at DealDash!!  I have won so many small appliances at DealDash that my friends are now putting in request!

The small appliances I am talking about are coffee pots, tea kettles, bread makers, microwave ovens, convection ovens, counter top dishwashers, irons, blenders, can openers, mixers, slow cookers and you can even get a washing machine for your clothes!!

One great thing about the small appliance “scene” is that they are easy to win most of the time.  I will admit I have tried to win the counter top dishwasher with no luck.  I didn’t plan on Binning, just winning so I let the bids go, but one of these days I will win or BIN.  (Buy It Now) One of the best features at DealDash is that you can purchase any item and get all the bids back you use trying to win it.

Once you start trying to win appliances you won’t stop.   They are easy to win an d if you can win it during a Free event at DealDash you will never pay a penny for your small appliances.  That is the best you can hope for.  In actuality, if you win 50% of the small appliances you enter, you are doing very well.  On average I believe most players will win about 1 in 10 auctions.  That is if they don’t over bid or BIN everything.  You are surely welcome to BIN every item, but the pleasure of DealDash is that you can win for a few bids and a couple of dollars.

Surely, you can win a few appliances for this amount of money, but you should be prepared to BIN every item under $200.  It’s a “no brainer”, if you really need this item or it is a gift you must have it, so you’ve done your shopping and have found the perfect item.  You want to win it, but don’t overbid, BIN instead.  It took me months to realize this was the best policy to winning.  I learned after reaching BIN and continuing to try to win.  If I did’t win right away, I would fight and fight, until I finally won.  Then I realized I was wasting money by insisting on a win, if I had just purchased it, I could have had all my bids back to go for a different item.  Winning at all costs is just silly!!! (code for stupid).

Let’s face it folks, if you can’t win a toaster at DealDash for less than 100 bids, you are making some classic mistakes bidding, here are what I suggest might be wrong.

  1. You are overbidding, you have a must win attitude and can’t lose.
  2. You won’t back out, this is a simple test of will, just back out!
  3. You don’t know your competition, they can be brutal, know them
  4. You have way too many bids, I call this “bid crazy” when you are bid crazy you tend to overbid on items you would normally bid very conservatively. and then it’s compounded by # 2. and #3.
  5. You refuse to wait for the next one.  Foolish behavior! Any item you try to win today has a “Alert Me” tab in the auction.  Select that and Deal Dash will alert you when the item is coming on the market.

These are a few of the reason you may not be winning a low ticket item.  It’s not rocket science folks!  You can win a low ticket item with just a few bids!  Don’t get bid crazy, just because you’re sitting on a pile of bids doesn’t mean you should go hog wild!

You can win any one of these items with just a few bids and a few dollars at DealDash as long as you play by a few simple guidelines.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!