DealDash Halloween Weekend Tips: Don't Be Afraid to go for the Big One!

Don’t be afraid during the Halloween Sale to go for the big win! DealDash is going all-out for this popular holiday.  When so many  people will be out Trick or Treating, many of us will be steadfast at work on our holiday shopping at DealDash.  To encourage that during this week’s “sale, “The Big Halloween Sale” you will earn 2x two times, the free bids with every bid you place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with Free Wins too.

This is a perfect time to stock up on the holiday gifts while earning yourself some free bids!  Free Bids equals free bidding, plus Free Wins means free gifts and items for yourself.  I love shopping at DealDash for the decorations too.   You can find some pretty clever holiday decorations for Halloween, some charming items for Thanksgiving, and beautiful and useful items for Christmas.

Another great thing about this weeks Big Halloween Sale is the price of bids going down to rock bottom prices!  On Thursday and Friday the bids are only .13 cents and on Saturday and Sunday you can get bids a just .12 cents each!   Yes, you can get some wonderful Christmas gifts but don’t forget Thanksgiving comes first and you can find just about anything you need for your kitchen and entertainment.
When you do decide to shop at DD for Christmas, do it early, there is no better time to start then now, because it’s such a great time to bid.  On Halloween Night and November 1, you can tally up 3X the bids for free.

So don’t be afraid to go for the big win! Especially on Sat 31 and Sunday Nov 1, when bids are only .12 cents!! Use up your bids on one large item, stock up on Christmas and Chanukah gifts, and get all your holiday decorations at DealDash.  When you win it’s exciting and when you don’t, you buy it and get your bids back!  That is the beauty of DealDash, you never have to go away empty handed.
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

Halloween Sale Week is Special at DealDash

One of my favorite things about DealDash is that they use every holiday to our advantage!  DD knows when we shop….and when we don’t. So to encourage players to jump on board they offer great discounts on bids.  They will also offer discounts off the final selling price of auctions, for example 50% off final price, or Free final price!

Other sales can really work in your favor.  If you are a new player, I would recommend the “75 auctions start at one time”, you could score some good items when Deal Dash floods the site all at once. I see things go for pennies all the time at these sales.  I don’t use the all at once sales because I prefer to focus on one large item at a time. But, new players can lack the patience it takes to endure the long haul required for big ticket items.

You can find out about the DealDash sales by logging on to the DealDash Facebook page every day for the latest updates on sales.  Be sure to like the page too, then you will get notifications of recent posts.

This time of year when everyone has gifts to purchase for the holidays every penny counts.  This year, like last, every gift under my tree will be from Deal Dash, my family loves Deal Dash as much as I do.  They open a gift and say, “WIN or BIN?” I say, “I’m not telling! But I won some and I Binned some!”


Halloween is an exceptional time at DealDash to cash in on the sales, starting on Monday October 26 Deal Dash is featuring a “Big Halloween Sale“, and they will be offering Free Wins all week where your final price is free, and you only pay a one penny transaction fee.

“Free Wins” is a very popular sale at DealDash, plan on spending some time learning about your competition, you can learn a lot during this sale!  Get out your notebook, sharpen your pencil, load up on bids and sit back, relax and win some FREE merchandise this week.

Happy Bidding!! Good Luck to All!

Written by Donna, DealDash customer since 2014.

DealDash Ideas to Spice Up Your Kitchen

Have you ever asked yourself why there are houses where the kitchen looks downright eye-catching compared to others? You might even believe that some of these kitchens typically aren’t exactly made by developers, yet they show a look that is worthy of being on a cover in a publication. With some of the kitchen items you can find on DealDash and these ideas you can create an amazing kitchen. But what is the big difference? What makes a contemporary kitchen attract attention from the others?
kitchen area
There are basically numerous things that you could add in your kitchen which will certainly make it look exceptional as well as lovely. Check them out here:
No kitchen area will ever stick out without the appropriate lights. Even if you have a really stunning kitchen area, yet it does not have the suitable lights, after that you could not anticipate it to look as just what you want it to be. On the other hand, a modern kitchen area, despite the fact that how just it could appear, yet it has the appropriate lights, it will always stand apart. So what you can do is to try to include some lights to your kitchen area. You have a range of lighting to choose from. You can have pendant lights, recessed lights, with various other sorts of lights. You could additionally look for the assistance of a lights professional. Thre are a ton of different lights and lamps that can be found on DealDash.
Although art frames are thought of as timeless in a house, it has actually never shed its radiance. You could constantly try to find frames that would certainly match the design that you have in the kitchen. For example, you could choose structures that have a modern-day style. Go with abstract frameworks, or those with geometrical patterns. You can find are pieces on DealDash as well. You could likewise go with repaints that present a contemporary design. You can check out the selection of structures with paintings that you can contribute to your cooking area. If you are unsure, you could look for the counsel of an interior decorator. That way, you will certainly be nicely assisted regarding exactly what decorations to include in your kitchen area, whether you remain in the process of creating your new residence or you are undertaking kitchen area remodeling’s.
Flower holders
While it might not be considered as a need, flower vases can provide a breath of fresh air for any kind of kitchen area. In fact, you would certainly be able to find yourself feeling actually great upon seeing a bunch of lilies or roses in a vase, sitting right at the center of your cooking area island. If you are in the process of a cooking area restorations, you might like to take this into consideration as well as consequently allot a specific place where you will be able to put the vase later on. There are currently so many modern-day design vases and all that you need to do is to pick one that will accompany the total appearance of your cooking area.
Lights, frameworks, with vases are among the best additions to any type of cooking area. Because you could discover many layouts, you could just choose from among the readily available ones. By adding these, you will most definitely never ever go wrong. Once you find the ideal manufacturer for your kitchen area and its furnishings, you will undoubtedly be happy at the end of the day. So happy remodeling with spicing up your kitchen area! Now I suggest you go to DealDash and see what type of awesome kitchen items you can find for your home.

Winter Camping Ideas with DealDash

Why do some folks dislike winter time a lot? Is it the cool mornings, the snow, the icy roads, or is it another thing they really worry, like obtaining the winter months blues because they always assume there’s absolutely nothing to do. I for one love winter and DealDash wants you to also, now I uncommitted much for the heat expense, yet as far as the snow, and the chilly as well as the various other things the period provides, it’s terrific to me.
You need to learn how to utilize the cool, snowy winter to your benefit instead of a way for creating anxiety. One point I discovered years earlier, is the a lot more it snows, the happier it is for me. Your most likely thinking he or she is a lot different than I am, aren’t you? Well, that is exactly what makes folks like we are, we’re all humans however we all have various likes as well as dislikes. OK, allow me to get back to this short articles topic.
Thousands of individuals love going outdoors and camping yearly, and when I was younger, I’d go with my parents and bro, we would certainly all get together and go outdoor camping. There was absolutely nothing as exciting and also fun as outdoor camping. You can take a camping tent to sleep in, or stay inside in an individual or various other car at night, however, being in a camping tent seemed to be the best. We would almost consistently rest on folding cots, and also hide with coverings. You can find a lot of things for camping on DealDash, things like sleeping bags and air mattresses.
One evening when we were done in our outdoors tents a skunk came roaming in, as well as visited us, all of us remained still and also attempted not to yell or react suddenly, up until the skunk wandered back outside. We were pretty sure we were getting doused with spray, luckily, by remaining quiet with tranquility we didn’t alarm system the skunk. The experience was exciting and enjoyable, to this day my brother and also I still laugh about the case.
When we went camping it seemed my mom and dad constantly wanted a camping site, where you can park a camper or a few other vehicles. Most of these locations had restrooms or outhouses or even running water with electric connection, so they were not really primitive or wild, as far as true camping goes, however we consistently had a good time. If you have your very own land, you could go outdoor camping on it anytime you want, pick up a tent on DealDash and take your kids out for the night, they’ll love it. Now I want to tell you about a type of trip that people don’t really do, winter season camping.
Some individuals go camping in the cold months, I swear. They utilize heavy insulated sleeping bags as well as cots, to keep warm, and also various other things. DealDash has mummy bags often that are great for winter camping. I am not talking about that kind of winter camping however, since if you are not experienced with it, it can be unsafe. There are dangerous elements that you must think about with staying out all evening while it’s winter. You need correct shelter from blowing wind as well as a large snow during the night, you have to make certain you stay warm while you’re sleeping. If you wish to try this kind of winter season camping, it depends on you, and also the risks involved depend on you. DealDash advises you stay safe and take the time to learn about the area you will be camping in.
The wintertime outdoor camping can be enjoyable. The type I am talking about is easy and quite secure, if you utilize sound judgment. On chilly crisp winter months and evenings, pack up the camping utensils, such as coffeepots or other food preparation items, as well as some treats, like marshmallows, chocolate, coffee, crackers, or whatever you want to take. Then take along a few of the folding outdoor camping chairs. Package everything up, get on the snow sleds or ATV’s or other 4 wheel drive automobiles, as well as head to a wonderful woody location that has a clearing already, or some field, maybe on a family member or good friends land, that you have authorization. Ensure the area you’re going is risk-free for a campfire, you can build a great cozy fire with some branches and timber compiled at the site, or take your own timber with you. Roast marshmallows around the fire, and beverage warm delicious chocolate together, as well as cook hotdogs.
You could even take binoculars or a telescope with you as well as delight in some winter stars, the sky is the most clear throughout the cool winter months nights. You can sit around the campfire with fun ghost stories, or even play camping games with each other. Then when it begins getting real late, make sure the fire is out, and also head back to your residence. These little winter outdoor camping trips, could last a few hrs or days each, and also they are economical and enjoyable to do, offering you an excellent activity for family members. Now go to DealDash and find some great deals on camping equipment for awesome prices on auction.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

Looking for easy, inexpensive ways to aid your residence to look and feel neater, better, and also more comfortable? You would certainly be impressed at the distinction small handyman solutions like pressure washing as well as seamless gutter cleaning could carry the general look of your home!
Ever before pull up in your driveway and also think that your house is looking a little blah? Wonder just what you can do to start making the house you love look a little cheerier, better, as well as neater? If your residence appears a little bit uninspired, however you’re not exactly sure why, here are a couple of very easy means to fix up your property. Ideal before putting your house on the marketplace, organizing a large celebration, or merely because you want your property to look its best, these very easy house upkeep activities could actually ensure your residence places its ideal face forward! Let DealDash give you the tips you need and then go to the site and find some of the best items to help you complete these tips.
Seamless gutter Cleansing
Few points could make your house look and feel even worse faster compared to weeds growing in your seamless gutters! Even if the state of your rain gutters hasn’t been that bad, maintaining them year round can have a significant impact on the total appearance of your property. That’s considering that your seamless gutters are a vital part of your house’s drain system: They accumulate, catch, and also reroute all the water that runs off your roofing system. If they’re clogged or damaged, all that water can go to areas you’d rather it didn’t: into your basement, under your roof shingles at the eaves, and more. Spring and fall seamless gutter cleaning services can aid and ensure that the gutters remain free-flowing with the water is transported safely off the roofing and also away from the remainder of your house. For the good appearance of your house today and in the future, gutter cleansing is a fast method to keep the whole residential property looking neater.
Pressure Washing
When your deck is grey and run down or your home siding is starting to obtain a little bit of filth, the entire remainder of your home could start to look poor also. But there is a very easy means to give the entire home a new look and feeling: washing services  like pressure washing can blast away the accumulated dust, dirt, and plant pollen that make your exterior areas look less than excellent, and, in a lot of cases, power washing machines could also take mildew and mold concerns like environment-friendly spotting on home siding. As soon as the built-up debris is blasted away, the underlying tidy, gorgeous surfaces of your residence can radiate through.
Scrap Extraction
Whether recent tornados have produced sizable debris in your lawn or you merely have not gotten around to handling that run-down shed out back, having trash laying around your house makes an adverse statement approximately your house. Junk extraction is a straightforward means to collect all that rubbish and carry it away, getting rid of eye sores as well as cleaning your home so it can draw attention for all the right reasons, as opposed to the wrong ones.
Once you’ve got all the cleaning done, and your home is looking nice, the next step is to go to DealDash and find some nice new items like accessories and furniture to make your yard and home look even nicer. Just go to the DealDash website and see what you kind find.

Why You Need a Pressure Washer From DealDash

Did you understand that your residence exteriors are frequently subjected to various dangerous aspects? Ultraviolet rays, crud, filth, rain, as well as various other natural or man-made aspects can create the outsides of your the home and weaken, oxidize, as well as discolor. All these could take a toll on your home framework over time. If it is not regularly cleansed, these unsavory substances as well as hazardous components could destroy the beauty of your house and also reduce its value. Luckily, there are particular cleaning techniques with a pressure washer you could apply to remove all unsafe materials on your residence outsides.
pressure washer
Using a pressure washer on your home is one of the most effective techniques to wash your exteriors correctly. This process makes use of innovative approaches that can deep wash your home structures. This entails making use of pressurized water to remove gunk, dirt, tarnish, as well as various other unwanted substances on your home’s outside. Stress washing could give you with a great deal of perks. Right here is a portion of the reasons that it is beneficial to pressure wash your residence.
This procedure could extensively clean concrete, driveway, sidewalk, residence sliding, deck, as well as terrace. It eliminates unsafe pollutants which can damage the best part of your home, as well as create the very early aging of the house structure. DealDash has amazing pressure washers and cleaning supplies that can help you keep your home nice and clean
Using a pressure washer can also improve as well as lengthen the life of your home as well as make it look brand-new.
It saves you from investing a great deal of cash on costly repairs
This process is considered as one of the most reliable and also budget friendly methods of boosting the value of your house. This is advantageous, particularly if you are thinking of offering your home in the future.
Regular cleaning with a pressure washer could help get rid of dust, fit, mildew and mold, and also various other drugs that can cause allergic reactions and also other health problems. This will certainly safeguard you and your household from potential health threats.
Safety and security Idea When Pressure Washing
If you have made a decision to use a pressure washer to clean your home, however you intend to do it on your own, you initially need to discover how you can correctly execute this cleaning procedure. One of the most important things you should keep in mind is to practice safety and security. Here are some basic steps which you can follow to avoid injury and damages while pressure cleaning.
Keep in mind that water and also electricity do not mix. When executing this cleansing process, you need to understand that you are getting wet. This will certainly put you at a greater danger of getting an electric shock from revealed cords and outside electrical outlets. To stay clear of such calamity, you have to keep away from your house’s electrical service-entrance cord, outside outlets as well as lights, and also the electrical meter. You need to likewise stay clear of positioning your ladder near the power lines.
pressure washer
Pick the appropriate nozzle for the specific pressure washer you decide to use. If you are not accustomed to making use of a pressure washer, you need to initially learn how you can operate the tools, considering that it can create injuries if it is not managed effectively. Additionally, you must pick the right stress nozzle. For one, you could select a nozzle with a larger pattern before you choose a narrower pattern. Yellow nozzles have a fan pattern of 15 levels, the green once at 25 levels, and also the white ones at 40 levels. You need to additionally remember to move the nozzle regularly and hold it at an ideal range from the house exterior. Now that you know about how to use a pressure washer, go to DealDash and see what you can find to help clean your home’s exterior.

Winter Lawn Care Tips from DealDash

Caring for the lawn during winter is among the most significant challenges faced by a house owner. Don’t worry however, DealDash is here to help. Like other plants, your lawn turf will be influenced by the coming cold weather. If your area receives an excellent quantity of snowfall throughout winter months then lawn treatment could even be more demanding.
lawn care
The good news is that numerous skilled garden enthusiasts are willing to discuss their knowledge and also experience when it comes to caring for the yard during winter season, DealDash also has all the needed tools to make the job easy. Here are simply a few of the information that you can utilize:

  • Yards in various areas of the nation would certainly have various means of taking care of the wintertime cold. You need to know how the grass in your part of the nation would certainly behave to ensure that you would certainly understand the ideal steps making.
  • In the southern part of the country, there are sorts of grass that are forgiving of the cold which can be over seeded on the yard to maintain an eco-friendly look also in winter months. In northern states, the temperature level is enitrely too cool for any sort of sort of lawn to grow.
  • Make sure that your lawn is tidy before the cold month embedded in. Do not leave any sort of kind of debris such as garbage or toys on the surface. They can destroy as well as harm the lawn that is lying dormant throughout the winter months.
  • As the chilly mornings happen, you should start cutting the grass truly low. High grass will have the possibility to smother itself while lying dormant and you may get in winter that they won’t increase at all. Tall yard grass can additionally spread illness much more swiftly.
  • You don’t want a lot of people walking on your lawn when the grass is growing green as well as you must feel similarly while it is lying dormant. That’s considering that a lawn that has been squashed under a heavy amount of traffic may be unable to expand back or might be slow to recuperate.
  • You need to monitor weather. Inactive yard could endure quite cold weather yet the severe conditions that we might be facing currently could possibly cause a bunch of damage particularly if it’s long term. If you understand that deep freeze is coming close to then you may wish to take some preventive steps.
  • If you utilize herbicide in your yard maintenance then you should use it right before wintertime beginnings. That is one way to make certain that weeds will not increase together with your yard grass. It would be much better to avoid their growth completely than to merely manage it.
  • One more point to do before winter begins is to aerate your grass. This is done by placing a couple of openings in your yard as well as drawing some area of soil. This will certainly help in permitting the air and also water to get to the turf quicker.

lawn care
The wintertime can be challenging for your yard, especially if you don’t have the right tools to help with the job. But if you comply with these actions and have the right equipment like the yard care equipment you’ll find on DealDash, then you can help your yard and also ensure that your lawn will endure the severe climate condition. There are likewise other things that you can do your own.

Boost Time Efficiency With Tips from DealDash

The goal to boost time administration methods is intended by lots of people. DealDash is here to help you be more efficient and manageable with your time. From all the area workshops as well as public workshops anywhere on he planet and internet, there appears that a lot of people are desiring to find out new ways of enhancing their time management techniques.
First off, time administration and management is something that has to be done constantly. Second, this generations culture is clearly dealing with even more changes in a year than their ancestors experienced in their entire lifetimes. DealDash makes it easier by offering a wide array of office items that can be used for time efficiency.
Also, management is basically managing of one’s self or self-leadership abilities. Since you know how that it’s not just about time. We are also going to discuss adjustments throughout this article for self-leadership improvement. We can quickly start to recognize some of those limitations that prevent us from reaching our preferred results. Okay, so educate me precisely just what are your hindrances or obstacles? Now, when we begin to develop improvement by investigating from a different angle, we then may now start to actually comprehend some positive adjustments to our habits. We can view better changes as personal improvements.
To even more boost these handling methods, it requires  a well-established objective establishing tips, treatment of time, and also composing clear goals. Our mindset or those habits like goal setting, is one challenge that keeps a lot of people from getting efficiency over these their time management skills. The minute you awaken, do you understand exactly what you need to do first because you are prepared? Or do you have to sit and think,  than wait until the very last minute to establish just what you will do within the following hours so you are successful. Poor mindsets are demonstrative of some bad habits.
When preparing your day, set it up to more improve self-leadership skills, time management techniques can also enhance If you like to improve additionally on those personal skills. You’ll also need the proper equipment to help you stay organized. You can find that equipment on DealDash. You’ll also want to know what habits cause you to avoid work and you reaching your goals. Then establish some self-leadership skills to direct your power to deal with and modifications to behavior. Adjustment of your habits is essential.
You’ll also want to commit to your work on a daily basis. In this way, you’ll be much more devoted and honest in seeking your main goal when you have invested a lot of initiative and time every day. When you’ve identified and also gotten rid of those barriers as well as obstacles and habits, you will be amazed by how productive you can truly be. And like we said before, organization is essential, go to DealDash and see what type of office and professional items you can find to help you organize your day better.